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15 Trending Travel Gadgets For Your Next Trip


From packing the right clothes, getting local currency to researching your destination, there are a million things to do before you actually board that plane. And you may not think you’re going to need these travel essentials until, well, you actually need them right there and then.

Bag It

Travel gurus will tell you that there’s no such thing as having too many bags. For all that (unexpected) shopping and, erm, soiled laundry, dirty sneakers…   
Foldable Waterproof Travel Backpack
Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

1. Foldable Waterproof Travel Backpack

Foldable into a such a compact size that it can fit into your pocket, this waterproof travel backpack adds precious carrying space without adding to the bulk of your luggage. Made of lightweight, heavy-duty and quick-drying nylon, it’s ready for adventures as you are! Many colors to choose from.

2. Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

This is the duffel bag that the vacation shopaholic in you (or the gym enthusiast on normal days) would love. Folding flat down to the size of a smart phone, it’s carry-on compliant, waterproof and even comes thoughtfully designed with a strap that conveniently slips over the handle of your luggage bag for easy portability.

Organize Like A Pro

It’s an art not look like you’re dragging along a lifetime worth of luggage on every trip. Maybe these will be of help.   
Multi-functional Hanging Travel Organizer
6 Roller Portable Shoes Travel Storage Bag
Travel Storage Bags For Luggage (6-pc Set)
Vacuum Storage Bags
Ruckman Roll™ Tech/Jewelry Roll
HitchcockTM Passport Holder

3. Multi-functional Hanging Travel Organizer

If you’re the type who wouldn’t cut corners on grooming even when you’re caught up in the exciting flurry of traveling, this generous-sized hanging travel organizer keeps your world together. Best thing is, it has a built-in hook that lets you easily hang it anywhere so your travel organizer will never have to touch any grimy hostel bathroom surface.

4. 6 Roller Portable Shoes Travel Storage Bag

If you have to bring along six pairs of shoes, this shoes travel storage bag should suffice for your fashion parade. Featuring transparent individual rollers that keep your footwear from getting crushed, you can see everything at one glance when the shoe bag opens up flat. Must-have travel accessory for any fashionista.

5. Travel Storage Bags For Luggage (6-pc Set)

Get a little help from the pros when you want every piece of luggage to fit like a dream. With this 6-piece travel storage bags of various sizes, organizing your clothes and essentials before putting everything into your luggage bag is a breeze. No more digging through the messy recesses of your bags again.

6. Vacuum Storage Bags

Always struggled with burgeoning luggage bags when you’ve puffy winter wear with you? The enclosed hand pump of these vacuum storage bags sucks out air and compresses the bulk into a manageable size, so packing becomes so much easier. When you’re not traveling, you can organize your extra blankets, bed linen or pillows with these vacuum storage bags too.  

7. Ruckman Roll™ Tech/Jewelry Roll

Be it small digital knick-knacks like thumb drives, charging wires or delicate accessories such as earrings and necklaces, simply roll them up in this tech/jewelry organizer. With a soft fabric interior, your fragile accessories get the cushion and protection they need. Choice of denim or polyester materials.

8. HitchcockTMPassport Holder  

Complete your airport look with this stylish passport holder. More importantly, it keeps your passport in a secure place, with two inner pockets for organizing other valuables. The passport holder also comes with a “Small Book of Awesome” notebook for you to jot down those random thoughts. Available in denim or black polyester materials.

Stay Charged Up

Gotta stay fully rested and keep your digital devices adequately charged up throughout your journey, so that you can upload your travel snaps in real-time. And look awesome in each and every one of them!
Perfect Universal Travel Adapter Wall Charger
Inflatable Travel Pillow
Pink Posy Travel Pillow
Portable Solar Charger

9. Perfect Universal Travel Adapter Wall Charger

Just the travel adapter for the globetrotter. This 4-in-1 universal travel adapter cube will keep your digital devices charged in the US, UK, EU and AU. Weighing a mere 4 oz (118 g), it’s small but mighty.

10. Inflatable Travel Pillow

This is like the king of all travel pillows. Offering you four different ways to catch a nap while you’re on the go, this unique portable pillow features a face window, armholes, as well as head and upper body support so that it’ll be easier for you to fall asleep on a moving vehicle. Don’t forget to pack this into your bag!

11. Pink Posy Travel Pillow

With this adorable Pink Posy travel pillow around your neck, you’d have sweet dreams no matter where you are. Its soft petals are filled with microbeads that will morph into the shape of your neck and head to provide optimal support. Irresistible travel pillow for fun-loving folks of all ages.

12. Portable Solar Charger

When you’ve camping, hiking, fishing or traveling trips lined up, this portable solar charger is a must-bring. Weighing less than 1 lbs (454 g), this nifty device will automatically adjust to the connected device to optimize charging current and minimize charging time. Never run low bat on any device again while you’re out and about.

The Little Extras That Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

They may be small, and they can be the very things which may make a difference between an incredible vacay and an ok one.
MerchantTM Luggage Tag
Classic Games Travel Set by Foster & Rye
Carabiner Travel Mug

13. MerchantTM Luggage Tag

The humble luggage tag gets a stylish upgrade! Available in denim or black polyester, you can immediately pick out your bags on the luggage carousel, because, well, no other luggage tag looks as classy as this one!

14. Classic Games Travel Set by Foster & Rye

Time to put down those games in smartphones and have fun the good, old fashioned way. Unroll this piece of game canvas and you’ll have checkers on one side, and backgammon on the other. It rolls back into a slim bunch – wouldn’t take up any space at all in your bag.

15. Carabiner Travel Mug

This is the only travel mug you need for your next camping, hiking or fishing trip. Practically indestructible in stainless steel, the carabiner travel mug is ultra-lightweight and very comfortable hanging onto anything with its carabiner handle – your backpack, bike, even your belt loop. See? It’s so determined to go everywhere with you. Holds 12 oz (355 ml).

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