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19 Gifts You Can Get Your Loved Ones For Valentine’s Day


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To all you lovebirds out there, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! It's that special time of the year where you show your S.O. how much you care by showering them with presents and affection.

If you're running out of gift ideas, we've got your back! From flowers that last forever, to engraved whiskey glass sets, here are 19 things that would make great Valentine's Day surprises for your other half.

1. Show your appreciation by gifting them this luxuriously-scented candle from LA JOLIE MUSE. This Rose Noir & Oud candle will transport you to a rosy garden whenever you breathe in its luscious aroma.

Review: “This is hands down one of my favorite scents from this line. The smell is heavenly. It, of course, smells like rose but not an annoying, heady smell. The other earthy notes in the candle add some depth to it to help smooth it out. It’s not perfume-y either. In my opinion, it’s hard to get a rose scented candle right but the brand hits the nail on the head. As always from this brand, the packaging is stunning. Not cheap either, it’s nice and heavy. Definitely worth the price tag, plus all of their jars are reusable. Also, they burn evenly!” – Adriane

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2. It's an unsaid rule that every couple MUST have matching hoodies. This “KING & QUEEN” hoodie set makes a great gift that's both comfy and stylish.

Review: “It fit as expected and is worth the price. It’s not heavy but is warm and looks just as the picture has it. I love it!!” – Glorimar

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3. If your hubby is a whiskey connoisseur, this is the perfect V-Day present for him! This refined Whiskey Gift Set comes with chilling stones, ultra-fine crystal cut glasses and even slate coasters, all encased in a luxe pine box.

Review: “I gave this to my husband for our anniversary/Christmas gift (both 12/25) and he completely loves it. It is his first “grown man” gift and he is acting like he has never had a special gift before lol. The cubes really do stay cold and he uses it nightly.” – pamela mcclendon

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4. This gorgeous rose encapsulated in a glass dome will let your S.O. know you're thinking of them with love.

Review: “I bought for my girlfriend. She loved it. The rose petals were vibrant, very pretty without the lights and after adding the lights, it is even more glorious. Not too large, great for on top of the dresser, night stand, desk or mantle.” – Laura

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5. Pamper your loved ones with this artisan handmade bath products gift set. It comes with a handmade soap, body scrub, a lip balm, and an insulated mug. It's the perfect spa gift that will help soothe the stress away!

Review: “What a beautiful gift set! The presentation is lovely, all ready to gift or indulge yourself. The fragrance (lavender) is amazing. The products feel luxurious on the skin and leave a wonderful scent. The insulated cup is perfect for a relaxing bit of wine or whatever you choose. Highly recommend.” – Sandi Lewis

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6. Tell your dearest that they're the only one for you with this witty Star Wars-themed Yoda shirt.

Review: “I ordered two of these t-shirts for Valentine's Day. I ordered pink and red. They fit my husband and I very well and were a soft, comfortable material.” – Stacey C. Pastorek

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7. This unique 3D pop-up card of a couple dancing on the moon is an ideal pair to your Valentine's Day present.

Review: “Got this card for our daughter and husbands 3rd anniversary which was in December and they still have it on display. This card is adorable. I would recommend it very highly.” – Elizabeth Young

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8. Beards need some lovin' too! This complete beard kit from Fullight Tech is a perfect addition to your man's grooming ritual for those fabulous whiskers.

Review: “This was a great gift for a family member who had recently grown beard. Products were very nice and Christmas beard ornaments were fun. Would buy again and/or gift again.” – krystal m.

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9. Get your boyfriend this mug so every time he takes a sip, he'll remember the real gift this Valentine's Day: YOU.

Review:Loved this gift for my boyfriend!!! Made him smile and laugh on his birthday and the cup is sturdy and excellent quality for the price. It’s also larger than a ‘normal coffee mug’.” – Emma Mckeown

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10. If your Valentine is a bona fide gamer, they'll appreciate these fun socks. These feet mitts are made of a comfortable blend of materials that will keep their toes toasty.

Review: “My son says they are super comfortable and they fit him like ankle socks which he loves. He also loves the grippers on the bottom of the socks so he doesn't slip on our wooden, varnished stairs. This product was a definite hit for his birthday. I would recommend buying this product if you are looking for a gift that is both comfortable and fun.” – Evan Tremblay

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11. This genuine leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger is a useful present you can gift your S.O.

Review: “I got this as a Christmas gift for my husband and he loves it. Its made pretty well, no defects, nice leather, and fair price.” – Victoria Thrane

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12. Show your partner how you truly feel about them with this stainless steel fishing lure. It's a practical gift for an enthusiastic angler in need of a cute, but sharp bait hook.

Review: “I got this gift for my boyfriend for our anniversary, and he loved it. It also works great while fishing (which, is the most important part)!” – Haley Mueckenhoff

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13. This lovely jade roller and gua sha set will give your partner that indulgent skin pampering sesh they've been longing for.

Review: “I've been using this for some time now. My face does not look puffy, tired or swollen as it has before. My skin is smoother and softer too. It is easy to use. Use it twice a day to get better results. Roll it over your face in smooth fluid movements.” – Lypiphera

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14. This moon ambient light lamp is aesthetically pleasing and will look great on display. Reviewers love how it has three lighting modes and serves as a nice nightlight.

Review: “Looks great, stylish and modern. I guess it can serve great as a night light. I decided not to ruin the look for the moon and stick the letters on the back of the light. Here are the pics and video. Has three lighting modes increasing in brightness. To change modes or turn on and off you have to tap the little figurines which I found very cool.” – Ekaterine Kukhaleishvili

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15. Woo your other half with this rustic engraved pocket knife that'll come in handy if you love outdoor getaways. Made with brilliant craftsmanship, this token of love will warm your partner's heart.

Review: “This is a great quality knife! The blade is very sharp, made very well (heavy, not cheap) and it looks great. The wood on the side with a name carved into it makes for a really nice looking knife. It was a great gift!!” – Melissa Snow

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16. Giving a stuffed teddy for Valentine's Day is overrated. Let your girlfriend know how fine you think she is with this adorable stuffed sloth instead!

Review: “I was scared to buy this since it didn't have many reviews but its actually very good quality, it's super cute, and incredibly soft. Its size is around the picture just a bit smaller. Mine looks a bit derpy and it's kind of hard to sit up because it has a round bottom but I think that makes it cuter 🙂 So if you're looking for a cute gift for your significant other I would highly recommend this.” – Tonya Burke

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17. Not only is this “What I Love About You” journal an adorable gift, you get to fill it up with things you admire about your partner.

Review: “Really fun book. I liked the white space so I was able to draw around some of my answers as well as add stickers. I was surprised how small it was but worth the price. Not for new couples as some of these questions are a bit challenging unless you have known the person a long time. Great gift!' – K

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18. This gorgeous calligraphy set is perfect for anyone who wants to get into hand-lettering. It includes 11 replaceable nibs and 1 non toxic bottle of black ink, everything you'd need to get started.

Review: “I bought this because I needed a nib pen for college art projects, and I am unable to access my usual nib pen set due to quarantine. So, I bought these as an emergency replacement, however they're producing a much cleaner line than I expected and I have been able to get better overall ink work done with them! I'm for sure not using these for their intended purpose, but in a pinch they work great for what I need to get out of them!” – Anthony Luis Gangemi

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19. If your S.O. is a true blue Potterhead, this Harry Potter crochet set will make a riddikulus-ly cute gift for Valentine's Day this year.

Review: “I purchased the kit because I love Harry Potter and Lucy's patterns are always well written and the characters turn out so cute. I had some trouble but contacted Lucy on Facebook and she replied fairly quickly (considering the time difference of UK and US) so that definitely gives this an extra star (which I can't add because you can only give 5. )” –  Jennifer Morrow

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These 100% Cupid-approved products will definitely melt your Valentine's heart!


Reviews have been edited for brevity and length.

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