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21 Home Office Items That Are Perfect If You Work From Home


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With most of us working from home nowadays, a great home office setup is very important to ensure that we remain productive and creative. It also helps us stay focused as we go through our day.

If you already have a basic work-from-home space going, adding some final touches to your workspace will definitely elevate your WFH experience.

Make your WFH space work for you with these 21 awesome home office items:

1. Remind yourself who you're really working hard for with this adorable pawprint trimmed box sign. Made with high-quality wood and distressed paint, this sign is designed to freely stand on its own, or hung on the wall- a great addition to your desk if you're a proud doggie mom or dad!

Review: “It’s a good size, and it’s something cute and witty to have in your home or office. Most of my coworkers know I’m absolutely in love with my pits, so this was a great addition in my cubicle.” – Candice

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2. This non-slip PU leather desk pad is large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse and keyboard. It's water-resistant, so spills can be mopped up easily with a paper towel or cloth. This pad can also protect your desk from scratches, stains, spills, heat and scuffs. The best part is that it comes in 12 colors and 3 sizes, so choose one that suits your home office aesthetic.

Review: “Simply put I love this blotter. I got the largest one available and it fits my desk perfectly. I really like not having to use a mouse pad any more. It also makes my old desk look young again.” – rodeodev

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3. Snazz up your WFH setup with this cute elephant pen and phone holder that's perfect for storing office essentials like pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes, and more.

Review: “Happy with this purchase. Holds phones well, looks great on a wood desk. Keep in mind it probably holds at most 10 pens or so. Felt it's well built for the price, good value!” – Amazon Customer

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4. Hours of sitting down can be pretty detrimental to your back, which is why the ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion is an excellent choice. It's an ergonomically-designed seat cushion which provides maximum support while reducing pressure on the coccyx tailbone. This cushion is made with 100% High-Density Memory Foam topped with ComfiLife's innovative Cooling Gel Layer that gives you long-lasting comfort.

Review: “There were many to choose from, but this one caught my eye and I figured what the heck, my coccyx deserves some relief. I bought this for meditation, but (butt) I plan I using it for long sessions of home office work. Great value. Do your sore bottom a favor and get one!” – BarryD

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5. If you love minimalist, rustic decor, you'll definitely love this wooden perpetual desk calendar! This tabletop calendar decoration includes 2 distressed number-printed wooden cubes and 3 month-printed wooden blocks that'll help you keep track of the dates.

Review: Great decorative item! My husband and I keep this on our little shelf by the door and change it every morning. Even during quarantine, it helps us remember what the date is.” – Katie Gad

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6. Keep track of your daily tasks with this Post-It pop-up note dispenser. They'll definitely come in handy when you're on the verge of a great idea, or when you need to take notes or make reminders while you're working.

Review:Easy to refill, can hold 2 sleeves of the post-it notes. Looks fancy, decently heavy so it doesn't move around when you pull one out.” – Jake

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7. This gorgeous rose gold phone holder is perfect for all your WFH needs. You can take video calls and read messages at eye level, lessening the strain on your eyes and neck. This stand is also very durable and will look great on anyone's office desk!

Review: “I love that I can connect the power cord under the phone and still have a sturdy stand to send messages and make phone calls. I am glad I found it, better than most of the other stands I have. This one is a keeper, not to forget, the blue color is so bright and cute. Love it.” – Carmon

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8. Get organised with this adjustable dual monitor stand riser that gives you more space on your desk. Its ergonomic height will elevate your monitor, which helps correct your posture while relieving back and neck discomfort as you work. If you need to use more than one monitor, this product is perfect for you.

Review: “It's great quality, does not look cheap. It gives me so much more extra space. I am sooooo glad I finally bought this!” – Corinne

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9. This coffee warmer is a great addition to your desk if you enjoy a toasty cuppa while you clack away at your keyboard. Warm yourself up on those cold mornings without worrying about your drink getting cold!

Review: “This cup warmer is the definition of cozy. It brings hope to 2020. I’m an avid tea drinker and overall prefer all beverages warm. I didn’t realize I needed this until I heard about it in a YouTube video – this thing is a game changer. It allowed me to enjoy the ritual of taking time to enjoy my home/work from home set up. Queue up that hot cocoa with marshmallows -I’m in!” – Amazon Customer

10. Sitting at your computer for way too long? This adorable ergonomic mouse pad will definitely solve all your wrist fatigue problems! It also comes in 39 different designs, so pick one that tickles your fancy.

Review: “I honestly love this so much. You get so much comfort and style and quality for such a good price. I have bad wrist pains and the memory foam is SO nice I had to come on here and write a review! I highly recommend!” – Caitlyn

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11. Never worry about running out of battery juice again with this 8-Outlet USB Power Strip Surge Protector. This product allows you to charge multiple electronic devices at one go, allowing for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Review: “Very sturdy unit, have bought two more for our nightstands and our covered deck. It’s heavy enough that you can plug in a USB cable with one hand (unlike some of the cheaper units on here) and all of the USB ports will charge my iPad (also unlike some of the cheaper units on here). The wireless pad on top is a great idea and really convenient.” – jmedarts

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12. Journaling is a great way to set your intentions for the day, and this 100% natural leather notebook is perfect for that purpose. Its vintage design gives off a luxuriously rustic and polished feel. It's exactly what you need to channel your inner writer.

Review: “I ordered this journal as a gift. I got it and was surprised at the quality. The leather is really nice. My favorite part about it is the case though. It makes a real good impression when you give it as a gift. I will be buying this again for a birthday present.' – Monica

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13. Brighten up your home office with this utterly cute panda tape dispenser that'll spark some joy if you're stressed out with work. Made with cutting edge (get it?) technology, the steel teeth tape cutter ensures a clean tear, making it easy to use.

Review: “It looks so cute sitting on my desk. Just the right size. I would purchase again.” – Karen F

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14. Tired of the disarray of wires and cables under your desk? Try this metal wire cable management tray that's sturdy and practical. You can install it to the bottom of any wood (except IKEA desks), and there is almost no dust accumulation because of its open wire mesh design.

Review: “This product is really good. I ended up getting the one that had two holders. I have two power trips that my PCS are connect to along with my monitors. I have put it underneath the desk that I had just built and it holds true. I think it holds a little bit more than 10 lb, but the ten pounds is just the recommended weight limit. I definitely recommend getting this product because when looking underneath my desk I can barely see any of the wires besides the plug that goes into the wall. ” – Kravin 600

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15. Declutter your stacks of unwanted documents with this 12-Sheet cross-cut paper and credit card home office shredder. This device is equipped with a reverse function that makes it possible to retrieve un-shredded or partially shredded documents, as well as prevents paper jams.

Review:Works as advertised and has helped me clear clutter from my closet/office. Shredded a bunch of files over a decade old and found enough space to make this area usable again.” – Jay Rodgers

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16. Wanna engage your core and work on your posture at the same time? The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is designed to provide all-day ergonomic support when sitting for long durations. It helps promote micro movements which constantly stimulate the body and soothes aches and pains.

Review: “I love this ball chair it allows me the ability to stay focused on the task I am working on while having to focus on sitting properly. The design on the chair automatically forces you to sit upright but comfortably and the included sheet of exercises are helpful and relaxing. Worth the money.” – Glorious

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17. Keep your hands bacteria-free with this automatic touchless hand sanitizer and soap dispenser. It comes in a sleek design that will suit many home office setups and the best part is that it's USB rechargeable!

Review: “Perfect way to create a contact free hand washing station for guests. It's so easy to use, and is mess free! The motion detection is accurate and the design is sleek.” – LifeWithKesh

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18. This magnetic whiteboard is perfect for organising all of your office projects, and doubles as a dry erase board as well. Mount it on a wall so that it's easy to view all of your upcoming deadlines- that way, you'll be able to keep abreast of your tasks! You could even stick some photos of your loved ones to give you some motivation throughout the day.

Review: “Needed something to organize all of my projects in my office and this dry erase board was the perfect solution. The post-its seen in my photo are the standard sized post-its found in any office and they are placed and removed conveniently without leaving any residue whatsoever on the board.” – Dunhio

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19. Work from the comfort of your bed with this multifunctional rolling laptop side table. All you have to do is to adjust it to your desired height, and roll it over to your work station. Now, you won't have to be confined to only one place in your house- you could set up your office ANYWHERE.

Review: “With having to work from home I did not want to be stuck at the kitchen table all day. This little rolling desk with locking wheels allows me to move around the house. I can sit on the couch or in a comfy chair and I can pull it real close. I can even adjust the height and work while standing. Very versatile and I am so happy to not be stuck at the kitchen table!” – KingFan

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20. Improve your home's air quality with the AirExpect air purifier that comes with three adjustable fan speeds. This device includes HEPA filters that can remove up to 99.97% of pet dander, smoke, dust, microbes, and pollen, leaving fresh and clean air for you and your family.

Review: “Fantastic product! It only took about 3 minutes to take the unit out of the box and set it up. Even though it’s only been installed for a few days, I can already tell the difference on our home’s air quality. We are light sleepers and the ambient light from some of my other devices can be distracting, so I was a real fan of the ’night’ feature that turns off all the lights. If someone is looking for an air purifier, that’s large enough to get the job done yet small and elegant enough to fit in anywhere.” – Victor

21. If you'd like some extra illumination in your home office, try this energy-saving floor lamp that draws a mere 26 watts for a three hour use. With a modern, minimalist design, this LED lamp will fit right in with your WFH setup. It can be operated using wall switches, and can even be set up with a smart plug so that it can be connected with Alexa or other smart home devices.

Review: “This light alone lights up my living room and dining room area. Before I would have to turn on my kitchen light the hall light the dining room light and the two lamps in the living room. Sometimes that still wasn't quite enough. This is exactly what I was looking for! A lamp that would light a room and it does!” – Miss Ulmer

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Add in a little essence of ‘you' to your WFH space with these products today!

Reviews have been edited for brevity and length.

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