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22 Cool, Eco-Friendly Things From Amazon That’ll Help Save Mother Earth


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Planning to go zero-waste to help save the environment? We've compiled a list of 22 items that will help you on your journey to eco-friendly sustainability!

1. If you're sick of water-logged sponges and spending extra cash on paper towels, try these Swedish Cellulose Sponge Dishclothes for a change.

Review: “Much better than all cotton dishcloths because: they are VERY absorbent, yet easy to wring out completely (and I mean completely!) after use; when using them to wash dishes, things like jar garlic “seeds”, tomato “seeds,” etc., are easily rinsed out, unlike all cotton cloths; and because you can wring them out completely, they work really well to dry the sink after washing dishes, clean counters off, etc. And as advertised, they don't stink! VERY happy with this purchase, and highly recommend these.” – JTD

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2. These reusable beeswax food wraps are super cute, and come in handy in reducing waste. These wraps are biodegradable, sustainable, and a natural alternative to plastic wraps.

Review: “I love this stuff, perfect for sandwiches and covering bowls with out wasting plastic wrap. Fairly easy to clean, in cool water. I’ve only used the larger size and the medium size and they are very durable.” – Michael P Miarecki

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3. These natural bamboo face cleaning pads make make-up removal a breeze, and they're very gentle on the skin too! All you have to do is dampen them upon use, and give them a good rinse once you're done.

Review: Very nice product. I will save on cotton balls by using these reusable and washable pads. I use them for putting toner on my face. Cute little panda design on them too.” –
Arlene R. Johnson

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4. Jazz up your kitchen with these upcycled denim and cotton blend towels that are easy on the environment and functional. They've got a rustic look to them that will match anyone's pantry.

Review: “These towels are lovely replacements that look very much at home in our old-fashioned kitchen. I especially like that they have different patterns that work together. Over all, they have a classic homey look and feel, and I am very pleased to have found them – after a looong search!” – Cape Cod Kadi

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5. This charcuterie board set is made of 100% bamboo wood which naturally contains an anti-bacterial agent. It also comes with a cutlery set and drawer that makes this too “gouda” to pass on!

Review: “I purchased this tray as a gift for my daughter and she loved it. It is of great quality, allows to present the food in a very organized way, and is of a great size, not too big and not too small.” – Isabel Rebelo

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6. Save the Earth and your hair with this eco-friendly brush set. The body of each comb is made out of natural plant fibres which are 100% sustainable, recyclable and reusable!

Review:Great Brush Set that offers several different sizes and types of brushes. Quality is outstanding! Packaging is great, so this would make a perfect gift set. Does a great job with both female and male hair. We highly recommend this product.” – Devin Stephens

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7. Lessen your carbon footprint with these biodegradable trashbags. They're made out of “plastarch material” (PSM) that uses cornstarch and other plant-based renewable resources that can decompose naturally.

Review: “I bought these bags for my compostable bucket and small trash cans. They’ve held up and don’t split open for my compost, which was my biggest concern. So, overall they’ve been an excellent buy. I would buy them again.” – Caroline Stoebuck

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8. Go au naturel with Native organic deodorant that feels light and fresh under your arms, but provides you with effective protection against B.O.

Review: “This is the second scent I have used from this brand and I love it. My entire family has switched to this brand as I feel it is not bad for us, and it works. My underarms are very sensitive and I get rashes easily – especially after shaving. But I have zero issues with this brand. I would recommend.” – Jami Lilo

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9. Instead of using dental floss to get between the nooks and crannies of your pearly whites, try the Waterpik Aquarius water flosser. It removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50% more effective in improving gum health.

Review: “This product is great for cleaning around tooth areas. I brushed and after using the water floss still found food coming out that was stuck in places the toothbrush did not get. It’s very easy to use and has a dial to control the pressure of water that comes out. The tip has a rotating head that you can manually move while flossing.” – MaryannAutunnale

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10. If you need a boost of caffeine to get you going in the morning, check these reusable coffee filters from Keurig. Simply fill these cups with your favorite coffee or tea and get brewin'.

Review: “These little pods are great and allow for an easy way to save money. Considering that prepackaged k pods are very expensive per unit and often have a very dull flavor, these little guys get the job done. We use them just about every day and they are super easy to use and clean.” – Cecilia

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11. These Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags are perfect for all your straining needs. It can also be used to steep herbs, spices for soups and broths, and tea as well.

Review: “I love chai & these have been great to put in all the powdered spices without them falling out. Easy to clean by hand. Yes, it get stained brown, but no big deal for me.” –

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12. Reduce your usage of plastic bags with these mesh totes when you're out on a grocery run. They can be used to carry all sorts of things, and are machine washable too!

Review: “I use these every time I go grocery shopping! They look small but can fit so many groceries. I get compliments on them all the time!” – Lillie cowherd

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13. Enjoy your favorite beverage on-the-go with this versatile travel mug. It comes with a non-slip sleeve that adds a pop of colour while guarding you from the scalding hot liquid you're sipping on.

Review: “I love this cup, I need to buy several more. Everything about it is great! I highly recommend for your hot and cold beverages.” – Danielle

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14. Planning an outdoor getaway? Try these biodegradable compostable plates and bowls so you can reduce your plastic usage and recycle them once you're done!

Review: “When it makes sense to recycle disposable dishes, use these. They get the job done!” – linda Connelly

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15. These ethically-made and eco-friendly coconut bowls are made by women in Bali. These beautiful utensils are accompanied by a wooden cutlery set consisting of 2 bamboo straws, 2 forks and 2 spoons.

Review: “Love these bowls! They are the perfect size and I have enjoyed salads, smoothie bowls, cream of wheat and more. Thank you for providing such an eco-friendly and functional piece of artwork for my kitchen. After ordering numerous items off Amazon over the past years, receiving an impeccably packaged gift with handcrafted touches were just the icing on the cake.” – A. Gonzalez

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16. Keep your smile in mint condition with Burt's Bees natural toothpaste. It's fluoride-free and made without plastic microbeads, making it a great choice for the environment and your teeth!

Review: “Love the mint flavor. It’s gentler than other toothpastes with the chemicals and still gives you clean teeth, and breath!” – Danielle

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17. This travel-friendly bamboo brush set is great if you want to look flawless on the go. Its soft yet dense bristles are gentle on your skin, but still gives you that full coverage you're looking for.

Review: These brushes are so so soft!!! They feel so gentle on my face and them being vegan is even better. I love the bamboo, the brush color and the different sizes. 10/10!” – Aileene Maldonado

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18. Laundry Day won't be a hassle anymore with these adorable Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls. They'll help soften and fluff your laundry by gently tumbling in your dryer which allows the heat to flow better between your clothes.

Review: “I needed to replace my old dryer balls and couldn't pass up the cuteness of these! They're nice and firm and really do seem to reduce drying time just a bit.” – Kindle Customer

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19. Forget Saran Wrap and cling film- these silicone lids are perfect for sealing containers so your food stays fresh for longer.

Review: “I have spent way too much of my time trying to match up plastic ware with the correct lid. These lids solve that problem. They have enough stretch to fit over different containers, but cling well enough to protect food from the air. I just pop them into the dishwasher (stretched over a few prongs) to clean them up. I would buy these again!” – Ridley40

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20. Take care of your oral hygiene with this set of tongue scrapers. Made of stainless steel, they are suitable plaque removal tools that'll help prevent bad breath, or any oral-related issues.

Review: This tongue cleaner gets everything. It’s pretty awesome & I have noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my breath.” – Corina Gonzalez

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21. Start your zero-waste journey with this cookbook that's chock-full of recipes. Th best part is that you will fully utilize almost every part of an ingredient, so you know you nothing will go to waste.

Review: Love this book and it’s given me some great ideas to use kitchen scraps – love it.” –

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22. This rose gold metal shaver is reusable and gives you that perfect shave for smooth skin! Just replace the blades once they're dull, and you're good to go.

Review: I’ve been using disposable razors all my life and I will never go back. This razor is amazing to use. Very little razor burn because of the sheerness of the blade that’s in a safety razor. Replacing the razor is cheap and a better value for money vs buying disposable. Plus it’s better for the environment so why not? They are also so much easier to clean and get excess hair out of.” – Katie

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