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23 Gorgeous Pieces To Revamp Your Personal Space Under $50


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Is your home in need of a little TLC? Sometimes, giving your space a little do-over might help boost your productivity as well as comfort, because your home is a direct reflection of you.

Here are 23 items that will get you started on that mini-home makeover you've been thinking about!

1. Add that lunar touch to your room with this sturdy and unique crescent-shaped wood shelf. Each wood shelf is individually torched by hand, showcasing premium craftsmanship in every piece.

Review: “I bought this for my sister and not only was it a fun time building it with her but also bought one for my girlfriend. It was extremely easy to put it on the wall and the size is perfect. I can tell the wood is excellent quality as well. I don't typically leave reviews but I highly recommend.” – Verified Buyer

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2. These faux vines will make you feel like you're living amongst lush greenery in the comfort of your own home.

Review: “Very nice packaging and very nice looking and totally worth the low price.” – Valentine Family

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3. This aesthetic macrame basket is suitable for all your storage needs. You can store anything in it, from clothes to books, and even sundries! It also lends a little boho chic vibe to your home.

Review: “Super cute! Stuffed it to hopefully shape it right, bc comes folded, and so far it is good. Holds about 3 couch pillows and 2 medium blankets. Love the design and materials. Goes great with my rustic modern boho farmhouse design. Haha.” – Veronica Kiley

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4. This stylish jewelry organizer is perfect for removing clutter, storing and displaying jewelry as well as small trinkets.

Review:Larger than I expected. Great for multiple pieces of jewelry including a watch.” – Sandra Root

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5. This sleek and minimalist alarm clock will give you a reason to wake up in the morning. It also comes with sound control mode, where the noise is controlled at a mere 50-60 dbs.

Review: “This digital clock is exactly what we were looking for! Didn't even realize how bad the humidity was in our bedroom until we got this. Now we run a humidifier at night and feel so much better! Love this. Going to purchase a second one for the other bedroom. Oh plus ….the reason I got this one is I loved the way it looked. It did not disappoint!” – J&K

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6. Bring a little luxury to your living space with this fluffy rug that's plush and soft to the touch.

Review: “I purchased this rug because I needed something that would be able to sit at the end of my futon that was soft, but looked great. This rug fulfilled both of my desires! The rug looks great and it is extremely soft. I get compliments about it all the time and now I can see no other rug other than this for my room. I recommend this product greatly!” – Jason

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7. Add a pop of color and texture with these gorgeous linen throw pillowcases that are sure to brighten up your home.

Review: “These were perfect. I needed a refreshed look in the living room because our old pillows were flattened. These were wonderful and soft! I bought 20×20 pillow inserts for them and it fit great!!!” – Phillip J. Moulard

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8. This moon phase decorative garland is a perfect addition to your bedroom, making a subtle statement of personality and style.

Review: “I am absolutely in love with this statement piece! The moons are so well crafted and the metal doesn't feel cheap. The packaging was so cute i want to keep it. Even came with a cute little care card. Perfect to help brighten up any room in your house!” – Roriann

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9. This set of distressed ceramic vases are the perfect accent set to add some rustic charm to your home.

Review: “These were so cute and perfect for my living room. I thought they were going to be too small, but they are perfect. Perfect size: not too big, not too small. The bottom of these bottles have small circular felt stickers to prevent the bottles from scratching up any furniture or other surface these are on. I thought that was a nice feature. Although, they do show, but not too much. It is not a deal breaker for me.” – Annette

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10. Instead of real candles, try these electronic faux, wick-less candles for a change! They're easier on the environment, and don't leave trickles of hot wax in its wake.

Review: “I bought these electric candles for the comfort of our leasing. These candles shine brightly, batteries are enough for a long time use. We use rechargeable batteries – it is profitable. There is a remote control with settings in the kit – a huge plus is that there is a timer and the choice of glow is just like a light or like a candle. Interesting candles. These lights are not plastic – this is glass !!!!!” – Mickle

11. This aesthetically-pleasing propagation station is perfect for floral arrangements and small house plants. With a frame made of natural wood and bulb terrariums crafted from high boron silicon heat resistant glass, this is a lovely addition to every green thumb's home.

Review: “These were a hit with my sister in law and my stepmom. I just bought plants and washed their roots clean and gave them already assembled, made a perfect gift that looked much more expensive than it was.” – TD

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12. Looking for a coaster that absorbs water? These ceramic coasters with a cork base will definitely do the trick! They come in vibrant mandala designs too, and are suitable for all cup sizes.

Review: “The coasters are absolutely beautiful, the mandalas and the colors are very cute and make them a perfect decorative accessory. I love the fact that they absorb liquids. Totally recommend them.” – Johanna

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13. Fancy some brekkie in bed? Check out this gorgeous large serving tray that'll lend a touch of elegance to your home. They can be used as decor, an accent piece, or even as a tray to serve your guests.

Review: “The tray is both – beautiful and solid. It came beautifully wrapped with a personal note and is a perfect addition in our living room on a white ottoman! It can be used as a decor too. The design we went with the Traditional Blue Moroccan style but other designs look really good too. Added perk is a portion of this goes for a good cause.” – Deepti c.

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14. If you love a puzzle or two, then add this 1000-piece jigsaw set to your online cart. Frame it up once you're done and you've got a priceless decor piece to hang on your wall.

Review: “I’m in love! I’m a CRAZY plant lady and I NEEDED this to join my real life indoor jungle. The puzzle is amazing, big, no pieces missing, and the quality of the colors and picture is amazing! It took a span of two days and about 10 hours in that two days to finish. I couldn’t stop it’s so fun🙂 The puzzle comes with a picture and on the back has ALL the leaves numbers and a list of the names as well. I love that they included that:)” – Christina or Nina

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15. These animal-themed pencil holders are great if you have kids! Adorable and multifunctional, you can use them to hold your spectacles as well.

Review:Great quality and cute boxing. So cute my son took it and now has it on his desk for his blue light eyeglasses. Now I’m contemplating getting another different animal one, but I really am partial to the cat – they’re so cute I can’t decide.” – Maria K.

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16. This trifold vanity mirror is compact and portable, making it a useful addition to your dressing table. It comes with LED light and up to three times magnification, so you'll be able to scrutinize every pore on your skin in HD.

Review: ” I absolutely love this mirror! There’s 3 amazing light types, perfect for all sorts of views on your look! It also has the ability to be dimmed or brightened on all 3 lights just by holding the button that turns it on. I love that the cord comes out from the bottom. It also folds up nicely which makes storing it very easy!” – Brian S Fox

17. Elevate your bathroom with a hint of rustic elegance by adding these mason jar soap dispensers and canisters.

Review: “Love! Perfect addition to our guest bathroom! Decals with different font comes with the jars. Must read the direction on the box to set up soap dispenser because it does not comes together. The twine was also included. LOVE!” – Tia Holman

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18. Love those beach vibes? These nautical sculptures will add some character to your home!

Review: “Went perfect with my Ocean motif bath. Never thought I’d do seahorses but did it and love it. Towels are a bit off. Excuse that but These fit the bill perfectly and could be used anywhere. My towels have all 3 on them. A seahorse, starfish and shell. Highly recommend. Worth every penny.” – Amazon Customer

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19. If you want to fill your office space with some positive energy this year, put these motivational art canvas posters up on your wall. It will definitely give you that boost to keep going!

Review: “Great motivational wall decor at a good price point. The included mounts were a nice addition to get these on the wall quickly and easily.” – Tasso Marro

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20. This woven macrame wall hanging has cords made of 100% pure cotton, perfect for your boho-themed bedroom or living room.

Review:Looooove these macrame wall hangings! They are just what I needed to finish my boho themed bedroom. Everywhere I looked for these they were way more expensive. And I also love the size of them. They are perfect! I like how having the two together break up my wall a little bit. Sooo pleased with my purchase!” – Sue Sorenson

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21. If you're looking to increase storage space, this industrial corner shelf is a solid addition to any room in your home.

Review: “We use this on the side of the cut out in our loft where I have a coffee area set up.
It’s sturdy in the corner on its own but it also has the wall anchors so it stays put even better.
Holds our snacks, teas/coffee, cups and accessories well. Looks farmhouse-y.” – Kristen Nuss

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22. Impress your guests with your exceptional gardening and landscaping skills… with these faux succulents that are extremely low maintenance.

Review:Very good price even with a sale at craft stores, these would be a lot more . Had enough plants to do both pieces. They look pretty realistic, and I can’t kill them or have to water.” – Kimba

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23. This lantern will add that Morroccan touch to your room, porch or patio. Perfect to use as a decor or accent piece, they look divine when the sun hits them.

Review: “This was so gorgeous, bought more! It's a very sturdy build, not at all flimsy like some I've seen, and the glass is heavy and beautifully embellished. It's just as beautiful as it looks in the product pictures!” – I Love Reading Romances

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Snazz up your living space on a budget today!

Reviews have been edited for brevity and length.

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