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23 Things You Should Buy If You Want To Attain Those #BodyGoals In 2021


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2020 may have been tough for some of you who wanted to hit your fitness goals, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to join the #FitFam this year!

Here’s a list of 23 things that’ll give you a boost of motivation to get those gains:

1. Check out this high-density, non-slip yoga mat that provides you with just the right amount of cushioning for your joints and knees. It’s also easy to clean and lightweight – perfect for those who are always on-the-go.

Review: “This yoga mat is extremely versatile. I love that it has two sides, one being great for hot yoga and one for non-heated exercises.”Carmen

Get this on Amazon for $14.99.

2. Bored of the same old workout routine? Add a fun twist with these SPRI Exercise Dice! All you gotta do is perform the exercise and reps that appear on top of the rolled dice, including jumping jacks, squats, push ups, a wildcard, and more.

Review: “As a fitness instructor, I am always looking for ways to change up the class and these are perfect. Not as big as I would have looked, but they work… And the price is really good!” – Raye

Purchase this on Amazon for $15.43.

3. Did you know that skipping is a great form of cardio? This GoxRunx Jump Rope has handles that are non-slip, allowing for a firmer grip for that seamless workout. The cool part about this rope is that it’s adjustable – you can make it as long or as short according to your preference.

Review:Works great. It rips around better than the provided ropes at my gym. I am a bit of a glitz but less so with this rope. I now have hope I will continue to get better at jump rope.” – Heather Porter

Purchase this on Amazon for $10.99.

4. Keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout with these half-gallon water bottles that have motivational quotes at every time marker. Featuring a silicone straw, you won’t have to sweat about spilling any H2O while you exercise. It’s also BPA and toxin-free!

Review: “Love it! Love it! Great for on the go. Helps me stay on track to drink my water intake. It’s a bit heavy when full, but the straw it comes with makes it so convenient.” – Diana Y. Cesar

Purchase this on Amazon for $17.49.

5. This fitness journal is definitely something you need to help keep track of your own personal records. Sleek and stylish, this 150-page exercise log book provides 140 days of fitness tracking. It comes in many colors too, so take your pick!

Review: “Seriously such a great buy! I scoured all of the workout/fitness journal/logs on Amazon and ended up with this one. It’s large enough for my bigger handwriting/longer workout names and I can write lbs and reps without squeezing it all into one another.” – Melissa

Purchase this on Amazon for $21.99.

6. These beginner-friendly fabric resistance bands can really help exercise those inner thigh muscles. They’re also made out of high-quality fabric that are extremely durable, making this a worthwhile investment for your fitness regime. It also doesn’t hurt that they come in really cute colours, too!

Review: “I'm new to band workouts and found these easy to use. I've been using them for a few weeks and the stretch is strong and gives you a good workout. I like the different colors to tell the resistance levels apart easily.” – Christy-Ann

Purchase this on Amazon for $7.99.

7. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fitness tracker, this LETSCOM fitness band might be your best bet. It can automatically track your heart rate and sleep duration in real-time, has multi-sports modes, as well as GPS. You can even connect it to your phone and get your phone notifications on its display.

Review: “Three weeks in.. functioning perfectly. Easy to use.. why spend all the $$ on a smart-watch or name brand fitness watch when you can get this item. Easy to use interface on my phone.” – LiveLearnGrow

Purchase this on Amazon for $24.99.

8. Soothe your aching muscles with this foam roller that’s trusted by massage therapists, coaches, trainers and athletes. Getting this will also give you access to FREE online instructional videos on the best practices on foam rolling, from the experts at Trigger Point themselves.

Review: “The TP roller has a little more give, and most importantly softer ridges, allowing me to carry out the exercises while feeling like it’s doing me good, rather than doing more damage!” – Eric James

Purchase this on Amazon for $20.99.

9. This gluten-free, 100% pure protein powder might be the very thing you need to build lean and strong muscles. It also comes in a variety of flavours, like Chocolate Malt, Double Rich Chocolate, French Vanilla, White Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Mmmmmm~ Getting gains have never tasted this yummy.

Review: “Only been using for 2 days so i have yet to see results but it blows my mind how identical the flavor is to nesquick chocolate milk.” – Viktor

Purchase this on Amazon for $45.75.

10. If you have a vigorous workout regime, but still wanna jam out to your exercise soundtrack, you should definitely check out these Bose Sport Earbuds. Engineered to give you the best workout yet, these earphones are manufactured with a simple touch interface that lets you swipe up or down for volume control. They are weather and sweat-resistant too, and can last for up to 5 hours.

Review: “The sound quality is superb and they have a good bit of bass to them, too. The noise cancelling feature works very well and does a great job keeping it filtering out background noise. They are very comfortable in the ear and easy to wear for an extended period of time!” – Parks N’ Tech

Purchase these on Amazon for $159.00.

11. Try this Under Armour Men’s Tech shirt that’s made with quick-drying fabric for that natural feel. Enjoy your workout without feeling uncomfortable with this shirt that’s manufactured with anti-odor technology to prevent microbial growth.

Review: “Love these UA tech short sleeved – good for working out, lounging & as an undershirt. Unlike most cheap white cotton undershirts, these don't make you sweat & they last a really long time – proud to admit I have some that are many years old & still look perfect.” – BradM

Purchase this on Amazon from $16.53 – $74.18.

12. Girls, if you want your booty to pop and look good while you’re working out, definitely get these leggings from Bally Total Fitness! It has a four-inch shaped waistband that’ll give you that slim figure you always wanted. These pairs of leggings are made with their signature Dry Wik fabric and a breathable CoolMax gusset lining which will keep you comfy while you exercise. And… It also has pockets!! It’s a 5 star rating from us.

Review: “The blue is a dark navy and the plum is a deep purple – both gorgeous! I love the fact that there are pockets on both sides. And they aren't see-through at all. I'm 5'3″ and they hit slightly lower on my legs than a 7/8 legging (in case anyone is curious on the 25″ length).” – CourtLynn

Purchase this on Amazon for $16.99 – $36.96.

13. Suffering from tired feet after a good run? Under Armour has these no-show socks that are pretty reasonably priced for a 6-pack. These socks are made from a fabric blend that wicks sweat away from your skin, so say goodbye to sweaty feet! It also helps combat foot fatigue with its dynamic arch support.

Review: “Per my husband these socks are the most comfortable socks he has ever worn. They hug his foot nicely- do not slide – and do not shrink post washabsorb moisture well and was great to hike / walk in” – Dogowner

Purchase these on Amazon for $17.00 – $29.99.

14. These fun and vibrant neoprene dumbbells will definitely add variety to your strength training workouts! Achieve your dream bod that’s toned and sculpted with these non-slip weights. Its neoprene coating also gives you a comfy grip while preventing any calluses. These dumbbells will definitely help if your routine is centred around weight loss, stamina improvement, and even orthopedic therapy.

 Review: “Just perfect. I just needed these for fitness trampoline classes where if you have too much weight your back hurts, and these were just the right fit” – ana

Purchase these on Amazon for $10.40 onwards.

15. Starting kickboxing as part of your New Years’ Resolution? These highly-rated synthetic leather Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are a sure-fire hit! Made with patented Thumb Lok technology, the natural shape of these mitts conforms to your hand, and its full-mesh palm allows for breathability and comfort. These boxing gloves are ideal for mitt work, sparring and heavy bag exercises.

Review: “Very satisfied with gloves they are a great fit and sturdy. I've had them for some time now with no rips and I put them through an intense workout everyday.” – Alex

Purchase this on Amazon from $28.46 – $59.00.

16. Marvel fans, rejoice! You’ve gotta add these Marvel-themed Hero Hand Wraps from Hayabusa to your collection, because they honestly look super cool. Featuring nine designs, including Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and more, these 100% cotton Mexican-style hand wraps are ideal for combat sports, allowing you to train like a hero!

Review: “This handwrap is designed very well and it's at least 180 inches long. I definitely recommend if you have the spare money to buy one. Very durable and stylish, and it's a must buy for a marvel fan!” – Jason

Purchase these on Amazon for $20.00.

17. Strengthen that core this 2021 with Black Mountain Products exercise ball that features dense walls for ultimate support and durability. This product is highly-rated, and for good reason, too! You can target your upper body, upper/lower back, abs/core, and legs with this versatile exercise ball, as well as improve your fitness level from the comfort of your own home.

Review: “After browsing a bewildering assortment of balance/stability balls from different manufacturers and reading the amazon customer reviews, I settled on this Black Mountain Products ball. In a word, it's fabulous. All in all, an excellent value for the price.” – C.Greene

Purchase this on Amazon for $28.07.

18. This mini stepper from Sunny Health & Fitness will make it so convenient for you to workout at home! This machine is built with a hydraulic drive system that allows for smooth stepping motions, and has an LCD monitor that can display total calories burned and steps. It also offers a full cardio workout that’ll strengthen your muscles for that toned, fit bod!

Review: “I love this stepper. I can easily move it from my office to the living room which I love. Winter is here and I love having something to keep me active without having to buy some massive piece of equipment.” – Brenda Borgmann

Purchase this on Amazon for $39.00.

19. Posture is key when it comes to exercise, so this waist trimmer belt will definitely come in handy. It will help make your weight loss more efficient by promoting sweat as well as provides support for your lower back and abdominal muscles! That’s not all – it even therapeutically heats sore muscles for rapid recovery.

Review: “This product was a great addition to my workout routine and even while I am working from home. It feels like I have already lost an inch or less around my waist from using this product.” – Bouyea-Amen El

Purchase this on Amazon for $14.99.

20. Bringing your phone along on outdoor runs won’t be so difficult anymore with this running armband. Made of a premium blend of lycra and neoprene, this band is lightweight, gentle, water-resistant, and extremely durable. It's perfect for those of you who love to jog to the loud, pounding bass of your favourite tunes.

Review: “I tested this out after it came today and it’s just perfect for what I needed. It fits my iPhone 11 Pro even with a case on. The touch screen capabilities were not decreased. The factor that set this apart for other armbands for me was the zip pocket. This zip pocket is big enough for a key and even some cash if you’d need it. It’s easy to secure and stayed in place. I definitely recommend, especially for the price!” – Halle V

Purchase this on Amazon for $12.99.

21. Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither were abs. Work on your core with this roller wheel set that also comes equipped with three auxiliary products: a kneeling pad, skipping rope, and a resistance band for an intense workout.

Review: “The Ab roller is a great addition to my home gym. The Resistance bands are of good quality and adds to the difficulty of the workout. The roller is smooth and rollers well on my hardwood floor. The jump rope is a nice combo in the package. The Jump-rope is strong and is smooth to use.” – Rakshit

Purchase this on Amazon for $25.09.

22. Lose weight and burn fat with this vibration platform workout machine! You’ll work up a sweat without feeling drained while the vibration exercise boosts your metabolism, improves your blood circulation, and builds your core strength simultaneously.

Review: “I've only been using this for the past couple weeks but I like it so far. So far I like that it is very invigorating. It totally wakes me up in the morning, my body is warmed up and I am ready for the day. I feel my circulation has improved and it also helps in the evening after I have already worked out to move the lactic acid in my muscles.” – unspeakable joy

Purchase this on Amazon for $137.74.

23. Begin training for your dream beach bod with this weighted hula hoop that will help you shed pounds off your waistline in no time. Wanna know something cool? You can actually burn up to 300 calories per use! This product can also be easily assembled and disassembled for storage and transportation.

Review: “I actually find it EASIER to use than a regular light hula hoop.” – D. & N. Brady

Purchase this on Amazon for $21.99.

Ready to get your dream bod this 2021?

Reviews have been edited for brevity and length.

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