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27 Things You Can Splurge On To Pamper Yourself At Home


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Pampering yourself is the best form of self-care. It helps reduce stress and boosts your levels of happiness, which is why we've compiled this list of items from Amazon that'll help you refresh your mind!

1. Tame your mane with this gorgeous rose gold brush set that'll look perfect on any vanity. This set includes a large Paddle Brush, a round Ceramic Barrel Brush, and a Vent Brush.

Review: “These brushes are wonderful!! I have long, fine hair with little volume at the roots. I often have a hard time with round brushes not gripping my hair because I have a lot of it. Not this brush. It works great. I love the paddle brush after drying my hair and before bed. It smooths it so nicely. The vented brush really helps speed blow drying, which used to take forever. The material and quality of these brushes is fantastic, too. They look amazing, the weight is nice and the cushy grip is an added bonus.” – SB

2. Breathe in the goodness of essential oils as you take a shower for that ultimate spa-at-home experience. Just pop one when you're bathing, and indulge yourself in the amazing scent of these shower steamers.

Review: “I've tried the Eucalyptus shower tablets from this brand before and if I had to compare them, this new release is definitely stronger in scent. I love that it comes in three different scents (Grapefruit, Cocoa Orange, and Grapefruit) to ensure that you'll find one that you love. I was a bit worried that I would stain the bathtub when I saw the tablets diffusing colorfully, but that didn't happen, luckily. Overall this is definitely a product you should try! 10/10 would recommend!” – B.C.

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3. Pamper yourself head-to-toe with some nourishing all-natural products from Burt's Bees. This set includes Burt's Bees favorites: Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, Coconut Foot Cream and Beeswax Lip Balm.

Review: “This is perfect for men and women of all ages who want to protect and soothe their skin. My family have used Burt's Bees products for years because of their high quality and excellent reputation, which continues without fail. The lip protection, the hand cream, and the foot creams are the favorites by far. The great moisturizing properties and the pleasant scent of each makes them a welcomed Christmas gift annually.” – Shopping Santa

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4. Treat your aching muscles with this shiatsu foot massager that will knead the knots and fatigue away.

Review: “It does an excellent job, I just wish it would hit my side arch. After researching many foot massagers, it seems like most won't hit that particular spot. Aside from that, It's excellent and does a great job on everything else. You can change the settings for less pressure if you want and it has a decent program selection. I am happy with it and look forward to using it each day.” – Mark Ceaser

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5. This delicate leather diffuser bracelet is perfect for aromatherapy fans who need some relaxation on-the-go.

Review: “It's very easy to set up. It looks great, especially when wearing it with the double wrap around the wrist, and the smell is wonderful. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Since I've gotten this I have used it to ward off two particularly nasty panic attacks.” – Goss

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6. Pop this lavender-scented eye pillow in the freezer and place it over your eyes for some light acupressure. It's filled with flaxseeds that will give you some massaging action around your delicate eye area.

Review: “Seriously. Quarantine, riots, and incompetent leadership have taken a toll on me and when I saw this lovely little eye pillow, I had a “treat yo self” moment, and ordered it. The scent instantly soothes me and when I get on my yoga mat and use this, for a moment, I forget who is in office and the fact that I haven't left my apartment in two weeks. Shavasana isn't complete without it now, and this lets me pretend I am back in yoga class and life is back to normal again. Inhale. Exhale. Get the ——- pillow. Trust me.” – CoffeeBabe

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7. Or try this reusable gel eye mask that'll definitely help with migraines and eyebags! Your tired eyes will thank you for this.

Review:Cute, comes with instructions that are not only on the box, but also on the provided storage bag for the mask (for the freezer to keep out smells)! The packaging is very well thought out and I like the Velcro connector in the back.” – hilary

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8. This Biossance Overachievers skincare set will revitalize your skin, giving you that natural glow you've always wanted. This set includes minis of Biossance's bestselling products, which is a total bang for your buck!

Review: “I am really liking these products so far! I decided to additionally buy some face wash and am really happy with my skin. It looks brighter and more even. I'm not great about using the products everyday but am seeing positive results!” – Wendy McKeethan

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9. Indulge in a comfortable bath with this bath pillow that you can prop up in your tub as you soak your stresses away.

Review: “This pillow is great. Saw a similar one in Jaclyn Hills insta stories and had to have one after her rave review. The suction cups work really well and the pillow provides enough support for my neck and shoulders which I definitely need to take a long bath. Can't recommend this enough.” – Julianne

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10. Moisturize your pucker while you snooze with this yummy berry-scented lip sleeping mask from Laneige. Loaded with anti-oxidants, beta glucan and vitamin C, you'll have luscious lips in no time.

Review:HOLY GRAIL!! I don’t know what happened but my lips were so dry, and not in the splitting, peeling way. Just dry and burning. Tried O’Keeffes lip repair and it did nothing. A week of applying this at night and during the day and my lips finally feel like normal again! Would highly recommend and buy again!!!!” – SBonney

11. Slough off that dead skin with this exfoliating brush for an effective deep clean. It's water resistant too, so don't sweat about using it in the shower!

Review: “It comes in a pretty nice box with two batteries and two brushes. It is not too heavy to hold, which is important for me. If you turn it on it is pretty quiet and has only two settings. High & low. Its not rough on your face, its pretty soft which I didn’t expect. This is my first cleansing brush anyway. I’ve been using it for two weeks now. And so far I’m liking it.” – Christine Vee

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12. Silicone face mask applicators make using face masks a breeze because you don't have to get your hands dirty. These guys come with a soft Terry cloth headband too, so you can keep your hair out of your face during your masking sesh.

Review: “The only thing that I gotta say is the headbands are a little small for most heads but the products are as promised and I was super excited that not only did it get shipped out the same day I bought it but it was delivered the next day! I used one today for a mud mask and OMG I never thought it would be that easy to nicely spread a face mask on so evenly before!” – Kitsy Keene

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13. Make yourself feel special with this box of assorted chocolates for days where you just wanna eat your feelings out.

Review: “These are one of my favorite chocolate candies, especially the coconut flavored. Yummy! All flavors are fresh, delicious, and individually wrapped. The plastic candy box is sturdy and can be easily opened and closed. I bought this as a gift for my dad, but since I couldn’t resist trying the new flavors (new to me), I ate quite a few. LOL!” – danae

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14. Say goodbye to fine lines and facial puffiness with this jade roller, ice roller, and guasha set.

Review: “This is an amazing purchase!!!! I’d never tried either product so I bought this because it’s the best value for trying them all out. I LOVE keeping the ice roller in the freezer and applying it at night or when I wake up really exhausted!! It feels so amazing!! To make the best of my purchase I try using the ice roller each night and the jade roller each morning! Gua Sha comes and goes, I like it best for my neck 🙂 The jade roller is really cute and relaxing to use, I love the smaller stone for the under-eye areas and nose. Definitely recommend!!!!!” – angie

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15. Grab these soothing spa socks made of soft, premium yarn that'll make you feel like you're walking on clouds.

Review:Fits nicely without being tight (swollen feet), soft & comfy, warm. I wear them as slippers after putting cream or oil on my feet. I'm hoping the lavender and vitamin E will help my skin as well. Really recommend these!' – Claudine

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16. What is a self-care session without aromatherapy? Relief your stress with Bath&BodyWorks Eucalyptus and Spearmint range to achieve that zen state of mind.

Review: “Very nice for when you are winding down at the end of a long day and you just need that extra little push to relax. The lotion is especially great for those of you who battle with dry, itchy skin during the winter (or any time of year!). Nice little bundle for the money you pay as well. Each of the bottles alone cost around $14-$15, so it's nice to save a few bucks.” – Emily Koschak

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17. This microfiber hair towel wrap is perfect for those of you who want a fuss-free hair drying experience.

Review: “This is by far the greatest Hair Towel on the market. The extra length is amazing for longer hair. It has the quality of a true towel, yet soft, plush and lightweight. And they are perfect for when you want to deep condition your hair. They do not soak through like others do leaving your pillow soak and wet if you choose to wear it for a while. And they are most comfortable to wear for hours on end!” – CCgirl

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18. Treat your paws and claws to a much-needed manicure sesh with this professional pedicure kit. It includes 23 tools that'll make it easy for you to buff, file, and shape your nails.

Review: “I love this package! It is cheap and has everything you need. I couldn’t wait to open up and pamper my feet. It was like I actually paid to get a pedicure. I highly recommend.” – George E Tuma III

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19. These natural organic loofahs will make your skin supple with its gentle exfoliating action. It can even improve blood circulation, ridding your skin of any cellulite.

Review: “I bought this to use as a wash cloth with texture. Guess what? It is a large wash cloth with perfect texture to really clean and exfoliate. My skin is like a baby's skin after use this and it invigorates my skin. I am a 53 year old man, so this is new to me. Skin care has never been my forte, but these things are incredible. The only question I have is how long they will last, but at about $5 a piece, they are probably a good deal if they only last a few months in my book.” – brotherderekb

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20. This diffuser will leave your home smelling like a spa so you can inhale all your worries away.

Review: “This is a great diffuser for a large room. I have multiple smaller diffusers in smaller rooms. They will usually go 6 hrs or so. This one however will go I know for 10-12 hrs. Each day I've actually had to turn it off so I haven't seen it shut off yet. I know it will though if water levels get low enough. The true test is how long it will last. But for now I am very well pleased. It is large but it looks beautiful on the counter. Great deal on Amazon as always!!!!” – Mom of 6

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21. Made from pure soy wax, these Chesapeake Bay candles are infused with the delicate scents of nature. Be prepared to experience ultimate relaxation as you unwind and relax.

Review: “I received the “peace + tranquility” candle as a gift for Christmas. I loved the smell so I wanted to try others. “Joy + laughter” smells amazing. I will say “peace + tranquility” has a more clean/refreshing smell, while “joy + laughter” is more sweet- almost like a perfume. I plan to try more scents in the future because I love these so much! Definitely would recommend. PS. I am sensitive to strong scents (sometimes get headaches from them) and these do not bother me.” – Cassie M

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22. Give your skin a little pick-me-up with this gentle yet potent charcoal detox face mask.

Review: “What a gentle giant DETOX!!! Goes on smooth and leaves skin healthy and pure!! This will definitely be added to my regimen. Once again BUTTAH, you did it!!!” – MoniLove

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23. This neck muscle pillow comes with a gentle heating function that will help relieve your muscle tension.

Review: “I broke my neck and now I have muscle and nerve damage I've tried everything this gives me more relief than anything I've tried. I was so happy with it I cried when you're in pain 24/7 and you find something like this it's amazing to me. If you have any kind of neck or shoulder pain do yourself a favor BUY THIS.” – Happygirl3

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24. If you struggle with dark, puffy undereyes, these caffeine-infused hydrogel patches from Good Molecules will show you results in just 10 minutes!

Review: “These turned out better than I expected! They are very sheer, which I guess is important. On some warmer days they did slip a tiny bit, but they would readjust easily and mostly stay in place. The cooling effect is very nice, especially in the first few minutes. The quality and amount for the price is a great deal, definitely recommended.” – Rachel Leeson

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25. This double wall stainless steel wine tumbler is a perfect gift to yourself to remind you that you're awesome.

Review: “I purchased this for my favorite aunt who LOVES wine and having a good time lol. It came in a nice looking box. Wrapped it up nicely and sent it her way for Christmas. Design is exactly as pictured and comes with every accessory needed for cleaning. Five stars from me.” – Jacinto Trevino

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26. Deep condition your tresses with a powerful dose of moisture that strengthens your hair at the same time. This hair mask is infused with shea butter and baobab oil, fortifying your mane from its roots.

Review: “This conditioner, though! I have used it twice as a once-weekly deep conditioner, and I just love my wash day look! Soft, juicy curls with great definition are actually a thing! I have really fine, thin 3b curls and this conditioner is great! Week two looked better than week one, but that, I think, is due to a noticeable increase in moisture! I believe my hair to be fairly porous, and hadn’t regularly deep conditioned in a good while, so I am looking forward to week three! Week one, the ends of my hair kept trying do dry, so I had to keep re-wetting. This morning? The ends stayed as damp as the mid-shaft. I highly recommend this product!” – J. Wall

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27. Nourish yourself from the inside with these supplements that are loaded with vitamins and minerals to bring out your natural beauty.

Review: “OK…here ya go..for those who have very thin hair these vitamins are for you! I started taking these in April and by June I noticed my hair was longer, shinier, and I received many compliments. What I noticed is that it seems that these vitamins make each strand of hair thicker and stronger. I would not say I have more hair growth, except for the length but with the thickening of the hair strands, it fills the spots that is needed. Try it! Tastes good just like a child's candy gummy! :)” – MD

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