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Attention, Pet-Lovers! Here Are 20 Things You Need To Get For Your Furkids


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Our furbabies mean so much to us, and they deserve all the pampering and lovin' in the world!

From fashionable pup clothes to drinking fountains, here's a list of 20 things you can get to treat your pets like the kings and queens they truly are!

1. Quality and quantity might not always go together, but it does with this pack-of-14 stuffed toys. They're easy on your wallet, and make the perfect playtime toys for your doggo or catto.

Review: “These toys were much better quality than I expected for the price. My little Boston Terriers love toys, NO, they are OBSESSED with toys! I got them the plush log toy with three squirrels and wanted more toys to place inside the log. These fit perfect, I can stuff almost all of them inside and they have a blast pulling them out through the holes. These were a huge hit, they haven’t torn any of them up yet and they have been playing with them for a month or so now. These are little squeaky toys and some are crinkle sound. I will buy again, these are awesome!” – Paula G. Cannon

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2. This smart treat dispenser allows you to feed your pet remotely using your phone. It even comes with a HD camera that supports night vision, so you can check up on your furbabies at any time of the day.

Review: ” The package looks pretty good (it includes a 16GB SD card), and the product is very cute! It was easy to assemble it and set up the WIFI connection, just follow the instruction. As you can see from the picture, the image from camera is very clear, both day and nights, and the auto-feed function works perfectly. It also have several other functions like motion/sounds detection and automatically starts recording. I would say this has all functions I need, love it!!” – Harry Wu

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3. The BarkBowl is a silicone foldable travel bowl that is great when your pup needs a sip of water or a munch while on a walk.

Review: “This bowl is awesome, I only use it for water so it dries fairly easy. Feels very durable and the color is awesome. Design on bottom is legit and clip for hanging on bag is sturdy. I would recommend.” – Ron

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4. This foldable stepladder is something every pet parent needs if your furkid needs a little help reaching higher ground.

Review: “My 13 year old 90# lab loves these. They are easier for her to use than the ramp I had made. I would have THOUGHT the ramp would have been easier, but…. she does not think so, and that is what matters. I'm just glad to have her able to get up into bed again.” – Paul in LA

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5. If your pet loves sticking their head out of the window on a drive, this elevated pet seat might be a great buy. It includes two adjustable security leashes that'll keep your furry friend safe and secure.

Review:Great car seats. My two chi's love these beds. They are super soft, easy to fit and really light should you need to carry it anywhere.” – Mrs Sally D Henley

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6. There's no need to worry if your pet always takes the road less travelled, and loses their sense of direction. This quirky collar tag will make sure everyone knows your pet's humble abode.

Review:Colors were awesome and everyone tells me how funny her tags are. They are holding up great too.” – melissa

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7. Keep your pupperino safe from the chilly weather with this adorable acrylic yarn sweater that's actually kinda chic.

Review: “I have two Yorkies. This sweater fits them beautifully. With the cold winters of Connecticut, these sweaters are perfect. Warm and toasty. They are nicely woven with a soft yarn and thicker than what I expected. Appear to be well manufactured. If they had some options in colors I would order more.” – Amazon Customer

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8. We love our furbabies, but sometimes, they can be stinky little guys. This scented candle will not only fill the air with a calming aroma, but take away the stench as well.

Review: “I am enjoying this candle. The packaging was very effective. It came in a cool sealed air chamber thing. Upon opening, the aroma was pleasant. It was the right amount of scent for my house. Every room had a hint of lavender. It lives up to it's burn time as well as it's odor eliminating claims. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Within 10-15 minutes the odors are gone. I'm excited to try the other scents.” – Original Vegas

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9. Entice your pets to drink fresh, flowing H2O with this pet fountain to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Review: “Well the cats do actually drink from this. They used it as soon as I set it up, and they drink from it whenever they want. It has stopped them being desperate to drink from the taps – in fact they don't do that anymore. The motor is quiet(ish). The trickle rate is good and the capacity is certainly enough for two cats.” – Julia

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10. Take your little catto out on walks in this expandable space capsule backpack. Your feline friend will definitely enjoy a 180 degree view of their surroundings without having to move a muscle.

Review: “It is comfortable to wear, safe, and durable. We use it to take our cats to the nature trail.There is adequate ventilation to keep them comfortable in the 95˚+ Texas heat. There was a bit of a ‘new' smell when we got it, but that dissipated after a few days. We leave the bags out next to their toys so they become acclimated and not threatened by the bag.The younger cat loves the bag so much she will play in it on normal days like it is a toy and will run to it when we call her and start putting on our shoes.” – Josh Morris

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11. For a paws-itively good time, get your pupper some White Paw Puppyseltzer plushies that are so cute, it will leave everyone in hoots.

Review: “These are really cute, they look like a real can all the way down to the little pop tab on the top. We've had these toys now for more than a few weeks and they are still going strong so they are pretty durable for heavy chewers.” – Melsa

12. Give your furry BFF a fresh manicure with this claw scissors. It even comes with a free instructional manual download to guide you, so you won't have to worry about painful nail trimming sessions.

Review: ” I love the size of the nail clippers, it's just the right size that my puppy isn't scared of it. The scissors cutting area is sharp which makes the process super quick and easy. If your furry companion is a wriggly one, make sure they are distracted with their favourite toy, and they won't even realise what is happening.” – Carmen

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13. We all know how uncomfortable it can get for your pet when your their coat gets all matted up, so investing in this quality dual-sided de-matting tool is a good choice.

Review: “I have 2 Newfoundlands and the summer shed had just begun. They shed faster than my daily vacuuming can keep up with, but the summer shed made it infinitely worse. I wish this brush were wider with more teeth to the comb, but it is still a great product. In about an hour I had pulled off a pile of hair as big as my 150lb puppy. He is happier and cooler, and I am happy that all that fur is not on my floors, clothes, furniture, and walls!” – Meg

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14. This adjustable elevated pet bowl comes with a hint of rustic flair that will match the interior of any home. The stand is made of pure bamboo wood, making it lightweight and anti-bacterial.

Review: “I was looking for a taller bowl for my cats. One has arthritis and I found an elevated water fountain worked well – SO to find a perfect bowl. This one is a winner! The bowl itself is wide enough (cat & whiskers!), not too deep but also not too shallow for the dry food to fall out. It offers the choice of shorter height/taller height/tilt. I went with tall in the back, short in the front for a slight tilt. Both of my cats use it. Bowl is quality – not plastic. This was definitely a good choice for my two cats.” – NicoleG

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15. The best way to your furkid's heart is through their belly. Try your hand at making homemade pet treats with an extra serving of love in this dehydrator.

Review: “The product came in with double box, it perfectly protected this dehydrator. It came in with two types of shelves, and one of the shape came with three, just good for a backup.
What I really like is the function broad on the right side. Temperature, mode, and timer all three are controlled by myself. This exactly what my need. I’m now very happy with this dehydrator, I could make my own fruit tea, my own jerky, and dog snacks. I will highly recommend this product.” – Shuyu

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16. For pupperinos and cattos that get a little too excited at dinnertime, consider purchasing this silicone anti-slip mat to help protect your floors from water stains and pet food spills.

Review: “It is so difficult to find a mat that will fit the Drinkwell 360…. this fits! So happy with the quality and look of this mat! Edges are really low so if u have a really messy pet that could be an issue but for me PUUURRRFECT!” – Ashtree

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17. Check out this autofeeder that's purr-fect for your catterino's nom nom times! Pre-program this food dispenser to portion out your feline friend's meals throughout the day so they won't go hungry.

Review: “I needed something to feed my cat in the mornings at 6AM that didn't involve the cat meowing incessantly and me getting out of bed. This does exactly that, plus my daughter loves that she can put her voice in it to tell our cat the food is there. Took a bit of trial and error to get the right portion sizes but once you use it once navigating and updating the menu on the screen is very simple. Would recommend if you had the same problem as me or go away on vacation a lot.” – Shane Porter

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18. For smol puppers who need some assistance going potty, these training pads will help “pee-vent” any accidents from happening at home. They're also made with activated carbon to absorb any unwanted odors that may linger in the air.

Review:These are amazing! We recently acquired a puppy who isn't fully house trained and has the occasional accident. These pads not only absorb the pee, but nothing leaks through and it doesn't stink! I am hoping she will be trained before I need to buy another set, but if need be I certainly would!” – Dawn J.

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19. This vest is great if you have dogs that disapprove when you forgot to feed them again… even though they just ate five minutes ago.

Review: “I bought every single shirt Amazon had from the seller. I also went on the seller's website and bought the other shirts not available on Amazon! My 2.2 lb. Lola Bean is set for life with her xxs shirts. The neck area is a little too big for her neck she comes out of the shirt but I put it right back on and it doesn't happen often. I ordered other shirts from different companies and the quality and cuteness did not compare. I highly recommend these dog shirts!! Too dog-gone cute!!!!” – Diana

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20. Great to use between baths, these plant-based wipes are gentle and hypoallergenic on your pupper's skin. They're also compostable, making them a kinder choice for the environment.

Review: “Ok, so it might be a bit much to say that I’m ‘obsessed’ with dog wipes, right? Wrong, they are just that good. I’ve tried so many dog wipes but none compare to these. The wipes are extra damp (and stay that way even after opening) which means one wipe goes a long way. They also smell great, have a thick feel, and are hypoallergenic. I have a dog who has sensitive skin and we use these wipes after walks to get rid of allergies. Game changer. Try them out you won’t be disappointed!” – I Only Shop Online

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We guarantee more sloppy kisses and incessant purring from your furbabies after this!


Reviews have been edited for brevity and length.

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