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Coffee-Lovers, Rejoice! Here Are 20 Things You Need To Make That Perfect Cup Of Joe


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If you're looking to make a brew-tiful cup of coffee, we have just the thing for you!

1. Freshly ground beans make all the difference when you're trying to make that perfect cuppa. This stainless steel Cuisinart burr mill boasts 18 levels to grind your coffee beans, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse.

Review: “I have turned into a coffee snob over the past decade or so, and had NO IDEA that a burr grinder would make such a humungo diff in the flavor of my Morning Addiction. OMG. How did I ever live without this??! ” – T. Roberts

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2. These natural, unbleached cone filters will keep grounds out of your coffee. These paper filters also remove most oils and micro coffee particles, which may cause coffee to turn bitter.

Review: “These things are perfect, there’s nothing wrong with them. I won’t need to buy coffee filters for almost a year that’s the best news. Buy them they’re a great price.” – Maureen

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3. If you love creamer in your coffee for that added creamy, milky goodness, definitely add some Coffee Mate to your shopping cart. The best part is that they've also got the sugar-free versions- perfect if you are watching your sugar intake!

Review: “About the product: I've always loved the flavor of these creamers. The cups that had survived the trip to my house and were undamaged (which also happened to be the majority of cups in the boxes), tasted fresh and exactly like what I'm used to with these creamers. Highly recommend this product and the seller. Enjoy!” – Sarah B.

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4. If you're looking for a non-dairy alternative for your cappuccino, try oat milk! It foams up really nicely, so you can have cafe-grade coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Review: “I work as a barista and I love trying new plant based milks but this is the one I always come back to. Very easy to foam, even at home without a professional machine. Lovely taste and texture. Goes very well with matcha and hot chocolates!” – Amazon Customer

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5. Need a place to store and organize your K-cups? This Nifty tiered coffee pod drawer can store up to 54 pods at a time, which will make you wonder, “Where have you ‘bean' all this time?”

Review:I can't say enough good things about this K-Cup storage tower. I looked and looked trying to find the best option for me and I am so glad that I spent a little extra to get the 5 tier. I am impressed by how much it holds and how easy the drawers slide in and out. I didn't want it to go on the counter, instead I have it in my pantry on the shelf. Such a great space saver verses keeping all the boxes the k-cups come in.” – Ike Van Atta

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6. Unleash you inner barista and make the best lattes with these naturally-flavored Starbucks syrups. They will definitely elevate the taste of your homemade brew.

Review: “I love all the flavors! I use Starbucks Verismo coffee machine with the Verismo cups from Starbucks to brew my coffee, and add those syrup to flavor and sweeten my coffee. It makes my coffee taste just like Starbucks coffee! Love them <3″ – Amazon Customer

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7. Extract a fuller, richer flavor from your coffee ground with this stainless steel percolator. It can brew 4 to 8 cups of your favorite blends at a time, and is perfect to bring along on outdoor trips!

Review: “I bought it for a camping trip. The coffee was so good that I put away the Keurig and other fancier plastic brewers and started using it everyday. I find that it works best for my tastes with medium or light roast, course ground coffee. A darker roast has a tendency to have a burned taste (like Starbucks overpriced concoctions), while a lighter roast comes out tasting like fresh ground coffee smells. Don't discount cheap coffee grounds either. This thing can make even the no-name store brand coffees taste like it was brewed by Juan Valdez himself!” – M. Stateler

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8. Create creamy milk froth instantly with this handheld battery-operated milk frother. Pro-tip: You can even use this guy to beat your eggs, milkshakes, and even matcha lattes!

Review: “I love this frother! Yes it slows down a bit after use but use good batteries and it works just fine. We only use this with non-dairy milk, specifically those with some fat like almond or coconut. I warm the milk for 30 seconds then froth it and it doubles in size, and is wonderfully creamy. Definitely a good buy for coffee and tea drinkers.” – Mrs_SuzyQ

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9. With the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, rich brews will totally be your thing. It can make up to 6 brew sizes, 4 different brew types and a built-in frother.

Review: “Not sure if this makes my coffee taste better but I love this machine for the features. My husband goes to work several hours before me so the stay warm feature is great! The fact that you can have hot coffee for four hours was reason enough for me to purchase this coffee maker. The design and cup settings were a bonus! This fits perfectly in our coffee bar. I absolutely love it!” – Toni Kummer

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10. Keep your lattes warm at the touch of a finger with this electric desk mug warmer. The blinking red light indicator tells you when the heating plate is hot and will stop until the temperature drops to 97℉.

Review: “I drink hot tea pretty much all year round. It's a favorite way to end the night. But I want to drink it while it's still warm and sometimes I feel like I have to rush before it cools off too much. This mug warmer is the PERFECT solution. With three different temperature settings – and a color-coded power button so you know EXACTLY which setting your using – and an automatic turn off this is the perfect gift for your favorite tea or coffee drinker!” – MJ Laupp

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11. Do you take your cup of joe very seriously? This coffee guidebook will teach you the know-hows of making the best brew ever.

Review: “This book has helped me to create my own vanilla lattes, and iced coffees. The book has lots of information on the “how to” and much more. In the end, I have learned to create a product that tastes equally as good, if not better, than the commercial giant(s). The book covers everything from the history of coffee, to brewing methods, to equipment, and recipes, etc. In my opinion, this is definitely a useful book for someone looking to make their own handcrafted coffee.” – Alli S.

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12. This 100% eco-ceramic roaster is perfect when you want to get all your coffee beans nice and toasty.

Review: “This is a brilliant bit of kit. Well made and can easily make a couple of days coffee in one session. The hole in the handle allows you to blow away chaff mid roast or after (but do it outdoors) and it also allows you to pour out the cooked beans. Three tips: watch the video on YouTube, make sure you time the roast – I cook four scoops of green Sumatran beans for 11 mins precisely with the last 30s are done off the heat. Finally it is smoky and messy – only use inside with an extractor fan and blow the chaff away outside.” – Stephen N.

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13. Elevate your regular espresso shot with this dual-sided tamper that'll make all the difference in your brew. It compresses ground espresso coffee into a puck that’s level and dense for a richer, more flavorful espresso.

Review:This metal stamper has taken my espresso making skills to another level! I use a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine (nothing fancy) and Dallmayr Espresso Monaco and the crema I’m getting on my espresso shots is like fluffy whip cream!!! I had heard from a professional barista that it’s the way you pack your espresso that makes an excellent latte and this little stamper will help you with that!! The tighter the espresso pack, the more crema you will get….trust me, you’ll notice a difference! Glad I spent the $5 dollars!” – rjv4EVER

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14. Take your steaming hot coffee with you in this YETI insulated mug when you need your caffeine fix on-the-go.

Review: “Wow, what a great product. I’ve transitioned from a regular coffee cup to this. I was always reheating my coffee but no longer. This mug keeps my coffee hot for a minimum of 2 hours. Allowing me to get a few things done around the house, while i enjoy my coffee here and there.” – Kendra Hubick

15. These professional coffee grinder cleaning tablets removes coffee residue and oils in standalone coffee grinders. A clean grinder will prevent your coffee from tasting sour.

Review: “The “cleaning tablets” are actually small yellow pellets that look like coffee beans. I ran some through my coffee grinder according to the instructions, and then followed up with a handful of beans to make sure I got the pellets completely out. Wow, my coffee grinder is clean! And the coffee doesn't taste sour any more. Win win!” – Marte

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16. This coffee grinder brush is specially designed to brush away coffee ground residue without damaging the blades, great for your routine coffee grinder maintenance.

Review: “Overall, this is a great brush for grinders and burr machines. Able to easily clean my device, and once I'm done, I store the brush away in a ziplock bag. Has some hairs bent? Yes, but that is anticipated after using it multiple times. Have I lost hairs from the brush? Nope, none that I have recalled after using the brush for the past few months. Would recommend this brush for anyone who is looking for a good cleaning brush for your grinder or burr machine.” – A. Gabel

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17. Freeze coffee in these coffee bean-shaped silicone ice tray, and pop them in your iced Americano to enjoy a brew that will never get diluted.

Review: “The coffee ice cubes are a bit hard to remove, but that doesn't matter because it's absolutely adorable and having coffee bean shaped coffee ice cubes makes me unbelievably happy. It's one of those small things that puts a smile on my face whenever I see it.” – Lene Punsvik Olsen

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18. This cold brew coffee maker keeps grounds out of your freshly brewed pot! It produces 4 servings of coffee that tastes smoother and less acidic than your regular cuppa.

Review: “Upon discovering cold brew coffee, I decided to make some at home. Although this container is plastic, I prefer glass, I went with this product because of its air-tight seal! I recommend brewing time of 24 hours and the coffee concentrate can last 1-2 weeks sealed in the fridge. This not only saves $$$ from buying coffee from the store, but also helps cutting time in your morning routine. You can have hot or cold coffee and just use the coffee concentrate diluted to desired strength.” – Jules Dee

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19. Or this cold brew coffee maker made with a glass carafe to help you bring out the best from your beans.

Review: Easy to use and delicious coffee. Slightly more detailed instructions about how concentrated to make it would be helpful but we figured it out with trial and error. We put about 14 table spoons in and it came out just how we wanted! It is sleek and well designed, so much nicer looking than the plastic ones and works great!” – Hannah

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20. These zero-BPA canisters are great because its innovative freshness valves ensures your grounds stay fresh for longer.

Review:I can’t believe how good this is. I used to keep our beans in the freezer (I know, I know), as this was about the best way of keeping them fresh, but this tin does the job without the cold condensation from the freezer. I’m very impressed.” – dyfthegog

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Reviews have been edited for length and brevity.

Making a cup of Joe just got a whole “latte” smoother and richer with these products!


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