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Experts Agree: “Plastic Will Outweigh Fish In Our Oceans By 2050” (But With This New Pocket-sized Invention, You Can Help Stop It)


Quick question: How many plastic utensils do you throw away every year?

If you’re like me, you probably don’t keep count (or you don’t want to think about it.) But the shocking truth is that together, we throw away more than 40 billion plastic knives, forks and spoons every year… and the consequences are proving to be devastating to our planet.

First off, the plastic contained in these “throwaway utensils” is highly toxic to animals and almost impossible to recycle.1

In fact, this kind of plastic takes more than 450 years to break down in the ocean1 – which means it carries on poisoning our wildlife and environment for years after we’ve finished using it.

Secondly, it’s estimated that 18 billion pounds of plastic flow into our oceans every year.1

At this rate, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.2

Unless we do something, our children won’t inherit the beautiful blue oceans we all know and respect… they’ll be left with an empty, lifeless plastic soup.

But let’s be honest: what can you do about it? 

Every time you dine out, you’re forced to make a decision: Contribute to destroying the earth by using deadly plastic… or carry around your own utensils.

But who really wants to carry around a set of silverware?! No one, that’s who! For years, we simply haven’t had a good alternative…

But now, thanks to a brilliant idea from GoSun (a green energy startup founded in a Cincinnati garage), that’s about to change…

Because soon, we’ll all be using GoSun’s newest innovation: FlatWare.

Environmentalists are praising FlatWare as an excellent way for everyone to help protect our oceans… and even better, they’re much more convenient (and easier to use) than those horrible plastic utensils!

What is FlatWare?

FlatWare is the world’s first 100% reusable, eco-friendly utensil set. The innovative 2-piece set includes both a fork and a combination spoon + knife.

FlatWare’s compact case easily fits in your wallet, pocket, or purse – so whenever someone offers you a plastic utensil, you simply pull out your FlatWare and get right to eating!

The utensils themselves are made with 301 stainless steel (the same steel used on modern rocket ships3) – so it feels like real silverware, and it won’t bend or break like plastic does.

Keeping it clean is a breeze, too. Each FlatWare features a specially sealed and leak-proof case that keeps your utensils clean and germ-free. (They’re also dishwasher safe!)

Finally, the smart compact design allows you to bring it everywhere… and since it’s so small and lightweightyou won’t even realize you’re carrying it.

It’s a revolutionary alternative to single-use plastic – and we won’t be surprised when everyone is carrying them around!

How Do You Use FlatWare?

FlatWare is just like using a normal utensil set:

1. When you need utensils, simply take out your FlatWare from your wallet, purse or wherever you keep it.

2. Slide the 2 parts of each FlatWare piece together – it’s effortless and takes less than two seconds. (To make it even easier, they combined the knife into the spoon – it’s super convenient!)

3. You’re ready to eat! Now you can easily cut, spread, scoop & skewer anything.

4. All full? Awesome – simply fold away and safely store FlatWare in the small self-contained case and clean it when it’s most convenient.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is!

If you’re like me, then you didn’t even realize how badly you need something like the GoSun FlatWare. But you probably also have one big question right now…

How do you keep them clean and germ-free?

It’s a fair question: is your wallet (or purse) really a smart place to store your utensils?!

But as it turns out, this isn’t a worry at all. That’s because the quality of FlatWare’s materials make cleaning it (and keeping it clean) a breeze.

You simply wash your FlatWare like you would any other knife and fork. Any food particles slide off with almost zero effort… leaving your FlatWare looking like new after every clean.

Most importantly, the silverware is completely sealed from the outside until you’re ready to use it. This actually makes it a more hygienic option than plastic utensils (I mean, c’mon… anyone could have touched those… and you’re going to stick them in your mouth!)

Think about this: Do you really want to eat with plastic utensils that someone probably picked up with their dirty bare hands and put into the utensil station? Yuck! That would just be like inviting viruses and germs into your mouth.

Finally! A Guilt-Free Way To Enjoy Food On The Go

Personally, I’ve had my FlatWare for about 6 weeks now – and I never leave home without it.

I’ll even turn the car around if I forget it… I am DONE supporting plastic’s harmful effects and I refuse to take the germ risk any longer.

I even get people admiring my FlatWare, asking me all sorts of questions about it (and the reason why I’m so proud to use it). I’ve already converted a few friends and I won’t stop until we’re all using something like it.

The bottom line: Not only is FlatWare extremely convenient, it has a real chance to put an end to damage-causing plastic knives, forks and spoons – for good.

If you want to enjoy your food on the go knowing you AREN’T contributing to the “poisonous plastic problem”, then you’re going to love FlatWare!

Important Update

UPDATE: Here’s where you can get the best deal on FlatWare.

FlatWare is now available nationwide – and even better, they’re offering a bunch of special “early bird discounts”… so this is the perfect time to stock up!

Obviously, FlatWare is perfect for your wallet or purse – but they’re also great to have in the car, inside your laptop or gym bag. They also make great gifts for loved ones as well!

GoSun Flatware
Reusable Utensils That Fit In Your Pocket

IMPORTANT NOTE: When FlatWare was first released to the public, they sold out in days. As of this writing, they’re back in stock – but there’s no guarantee it will last. So if you’re thinking of grabbing your own set of FlatWare, I suggest doing it ASAP in case they run out again soon. Click here to get your own FlatWare set now!

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