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Get The Stink Out Of Your Shoes & Life Permanently With This Game-changer


I’m a person who enjoys a good workout

Ok, that may have been an understatement. I’m what you would call a “gym rat.” But even if you’re nothing like me, I bet your shoes (and dirty clothes) don’t exactly smell like roses

I hated that the one downside to staying active, healthy, and fit was that I was bringing home odors with me. 

To put it mildly, my gym bag did NOT smell good. It was starting to ruin the enjoyment I was getting out of going to the gym and getting a good workout in. 

Thankfully, people at the gym are encouraging and supportive enough that I felt comfortable sharing my smelly problem with them. 

One of the gym owners, who works harder than anyone I know, tipped me off to something she recommends to all of her clients. She told me she had never had one single person regret trying it and that it would cut odors at the source (instead of masking them) for the next ten years. 

I knew I trusted her on a personal level, but I also figured the owner of a successful gym would certainly be an expert in this kind of smell-related problem.

What was her recommendation, you ask? StankStix. And most importantly, did it work? YES. SO UNBELIEVABLY WELL.

What Is StankStix?

StankStix non-toxic inserts that both remove AND prevent nasty odors right away. 

They’re basically two plastic tubes, connected by a rope for convenience, and contain inserts inside each tube that are constantly working their odor-removing magic. 

StankStix is patented and is the only completely natural and chemical-free odor killer of their kind. 

They are proven by science and personal experience to quickly absorb harmful moisture and prevent 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth. 

Need I say more? Yes, yes I do. 

Because what StankStix REALLY are are tools to help you enjoy the healthy aspects of your life again. They truly changed my life and helped me love going to the gym again. I no longer have to deal with embarrassing odors or having my family complain about habits I knew were healthy. 

StankStix is your simple but powerful tools for having fresh and clean air to breathe no matter HOW stinky some of your things are.

How Do They Work?

StankStix are made of a Silver Seal technology that inhibits 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria for over ten years. The silver has antimicrobial properties that are incredibly strong and fast-acting but also natural and risk-free. 

Even the plastic that they’re made of is antimicrobial. But the plastic also holds removable and replaceable inserts that ALSO work to eliminate odors. Trust me, these things are powerful. 

The StankStix also physically absorbs moisture, which is normally how bacteria live and grow. When you reduce or remove the moisture, you’re actually reducing the bacteria itself, which in turn, removes the source of the odor. 

The inserts are also lightly scented with plant-based essential oils, which you can change as often as you’d like. 

But it’s important to note that the essential oils is just an added bonus. You really shouldn’t buy anything that’s just adding in a nice smell, because then you’re just masking the problem instead of really addressing it. 

Instead, if you neutralize the smell, as StankStix do, you won’t have a weird good-and-bad smell combo and the removal of the bacteria will actually make the shoes (or whatever you’re removing the smell from) last much longer. 

I’m not sure why people even try to mask smells to be honest, because you can still smell the bad smell underneath it, and it doesn’t make the shoe feel clean at all. Just weirder.

How To Use Your New StankStix

When you receive your StankStix, you’ll see a few things in your package. 

One set of StankStix actually contains:

  • 2 StankStix (which you can separate to de-smell different items if you’d like)
  • 2 Deodorizing insert bags (these are removable and replaceable)
  • 1 Durable and removable handle
  • 2 extra end caps

The StankStix will come set up for you, with the chemical-free inserts already inside the plastic tube and connected by the handle. To use them like this, simply place one stick in each shoe, and moisture and odor absorption will begin immediately. 

If you want to separate the StankStix, just untwist the cap from each stick that’s connected to the handle. Then replace the caps with the two extra that came with the package. Now that they’re separate, you can place them into other shoes or objects that could stand to smell a little better. 

The inserts will also last for ten years, so no need to worry about overuse. When that ten years eventually comes up, you’ll only need to replace the inserts and you can keep the plastic casing and handle for life. 

They’re a Gym-Goer’s Best Friend Because …

When you go to the gym a lot, it’s common to talk about “results.” Results, results, results. That’s really what it’s all about. 

The StankStix fits this mindset perfectly because they deliver results! But much MUCH faster than working out does. 

You’ll smell the results in as little as 24 hours — no workout could ever do that! You’ll be shocked as the nasty odor effortlessly fades away and somehow never comes back.

I think gym goers also love this product so much because it can fight odor anywhere. They’re perfect for sneakers, gym bags, boxing gloves, sports gear, and even the car. I also keep one in my locker. 

I ALSO love that the StankStix extends the life of all my gear. Instead of having to buy new shoes or constantly wash my gym bag, the StankStix has made it so that my equipment all lasts longer. They have already paid for themselves 500 times over. 

As a gym rat, I also love that they’re all-natural, non-toxic, and safe. After all, I am working out for my health here.

But My Whole Family Loves Them Too

At first, my family wasn’t all that excited when the StankStix arrived. I think they thought there was nothing in the world that would actually get rid of the smell. But within 24 hours, everyone was so happy… and breathing a little deeper!

I think they were even more convinced when we were watching TV and saw the StankStix episode of Shark Tank, where all of the sharks were equally obsessed. 

Now my wife and children use their own StankStix for seemingly everything. Adult and child-size shoes, cleats, boots, skates, gloves, helmets, laundry baskets, lockers, bags, you name it. 

Even the dog uses it in his bed. 

Don’t Let Your Life Stink

At the end of the day, don’t you really just want to not have to worry about smelling bad?

Finally, that’s possible no matter how bad your things stink with the help of the StankStix. 

Once you see how quickly and effectively these things work, you’ll be recommending them left and right. You’ll also notice less embarrassment, cleaner air, and a generally cleaner care-free life. 

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, I say give it a shot.

Say Goodbye To Nasty Odors For Good!
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