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Heavy-Duty Metal Gripper

$26.99 $49.99 SHOP NOW →
$26.99 $49.99 SHOP NOW →

Lift Like Hercules!

This panel carrier clamp may be small, but it’s really mighty!

Enabling you to lift and carry heavy panels with just one hand, the metal gripper comes with a padded handle that relieves pressure on the hand and minimizes the risk of back, neck, shoulders, arms injuries. An indispensable tool if you need to carry heavy panels or sheets frequently.


  • MAKES HEAVY LIFTING EASIER: the unique design of the gorilla gripper lets one person single-handedly lift heavy panels
  • PADDED HANDLE: this lets you hold on to the panel carrier securely and comfortably without hurting your hand while reducing the risk of back, neck, shoulders, arms injuries 
  • MANY USES: the handy grip lifter enables you to lift and carry heavy wooden, metal or glass sheets or other paneled materials
  • ABLE ASSISTANT: with the grip carrier, you save on labor cost since one person can manage the heavy lifting


  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 4.9 x 5.1 inches
Heavy-Duty Metal Gripper
$26.99 $49.99
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