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New Year, New You: The 15 Ultimate Products For a Great New Chapter

Friends celebrating christmas with bengal lights. Group of elegant women and men celebrating new year’s eve outdoor with sparklers. Smiling group of girls and guys with firework sticks partying outside.

New Year, new you? Or maybe… New Year, same you?

Either way, hitting the reset button when the clock strikes 12 on NYE is an AMAZING feeling. 

And we ESPECIALLY need that new, revitalized energy this upcoming year. 2021, here we come!! 

In that spirit, we have compiled a list of the true game-changers that will put that pep back in your step and have you feeling like your best self. 

Just what we want in the new year, right?! Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

1. Dodow

For all the sleep resolutions

Let’s get healthy this year, starting with our sleep! Dodow has EVERYONE and we mean EVERYONE snoozing in mere minutes — even those of us who were incredibly skeptical or particularly anxious at night. With Dodw, you can get your zen back at night and fall asleep easily all with the help of this metronomic breathing guide. Just follow along with the breathing cues and your overactive brain will be quiet before you know it! 

  • The mesmerizing light gets your busy mind to quiet down
  • Guided breathing cues will lull your body and mind to sleep quickly
  • Restores your brains natural ability to sleep — in time you wont need Dodow anymore
  • Just a one-time purchase equals a lifetime of better sleep
  • Easy and convenient to use, no side effects or pills! 

Proven to help you fall asleep 2.5x faster! 

2. Ulla

Drink more water this year with built-in hydration reminders

If we want to get healthy in 2021, we can’t skip water. But make it as easy on yourself as possible, by using Ulla. Ullla’s smart detection sensors know if you haven’t taken a drink in a while, and will send out a blink to remind you if it’s time to hydrate. You’ll notice a LOT more pep in your step once you get your hydration in order with Ulla. 

  • Start to feel healthier IMMEDIATELY — being hydrated is as important as it sounds!
  • Smart alerts remind you when to drink by automatically lighting up
  • Tracks how much you drink throughout the day
  • Fits any and ALL bottles, mugs and glasses — just go with your preference!

Used and loved by people in more than 160 countries!

3. Aculief

Kiss headaches goodbye the all natural way

In the spirit of New Year, New You, let’s get rid of those headaches. Then you can REALLY be your best self!! But not by spending time in the doctor’s office or taking addiction-causing pills. Stop your headaches in as little as one minute through the science of acupressure. All you have to do is put on this handy little wearable. 

  • Pressure points are scientifically proven to quickly relieve headaches when pressed
  • You’ll feel pain relief in as little as 1-3 minutes!
  • No harmful side-effects with over-the-counter drugs. Nothing to ingest! 
  • Will last you forever. The material is incredibly high quality.
  • Can take it ANYWHERE and wear while doing ANYTHING
  • Fits any hand size — specifically designed to be universal
  • Many colors available to fit your personal style!

Doctor-approved and recommended!

4. Neck Hammock

Relieve your neck and back pain the fun & easy way

And speaking of being pain-free in the new year, let’s get it out of our necks and backs too! All that texting and time at the computer really puts a strain on you, but even without neck pain, the Neck Hammock just feels fantastic to use! Once you let your neck gently relax into the sling of the hammock, you’ll decompress the areas of your neck and spine where the pain was originating from. It should feel amazing right away. 

  • Pain relief as simple as lying down — just hook The Neck Hammock onto a door knob and let your head sink into the sling
  • Say goodbye to stress and anxiety — customers often fall asleep; it’s so soothing!
  • Easy enough for anybody to set up — wraps around a variety of things
  • Always travel ready since it’s so lightweight and foldable
  • Fits easily into the most busy of schedules. Just relax for a few minutes whenever you need it
  • The more you use it, the better you will feel! Gradually, you will undue the daily wear and tear from texting and sitting at a desk

As seen on Forbes, Mashable, GQ, Yahoo!, AOL, Reader’s Digest

Over 300,000 sold in 100+ countries – “One of the best health finds”

5. Kailo

Keep the body pain away this year, too

Let’s keep the pain-free life rolling! Especially because they’re such easy tricks! The Kailo is the pain-remover patch for anywhere on your entire body. Just stick to where you feel the pain and let it fade away in under a minute. The patch contains nanotechnology developed years ago, but only recently was able to be put in this kind of lightweight, stickable form. 

  • Works anywhere on your body that you feel pain
  • Get relief in less than a single minute!
  • 100% drug free with absolutely zero side effects
  • Each patch will last for years and comes with reusable adhesives
  • Use on your skin or over clothing — both work great
  • Waterproof for even your toughest workouts

They’ve already sold over 3.5 million patches!

6. SeedSheet

Bring nature to you this year

After spending a lot of time inside in 2020, you may have noticed that your place could use a little spruce up. Or that you long for the great outdoors! SeedSheet solves this and much more. With SeedSheet, you will have a fool-proof but beautiful home garden. All six delicious and healthy herbs can be planted at once. As they grow, the SeedSheet app will be there to hold your hand through the whole thing and send you text reminders when it’s time to water. 

  • Includes six delicious and healthy herbs to enjoy in a variety of meals
  • Easy enough that ANYONE can do it — get the kids involved!
  • The one and only garden that actually talks you through how to care for it
  • Includes every single thing you need — no extra store trips required!
  • Completely organic and made in the USA
  • Perfect to spruce up even the tiniest of spaces
  • Works indoors and outdoors — totally up to you!

Everything from heart health to brain function is benefitted by getting in some extra greens. Plus it will make your home look and smell beautiful! Why not give it a shot next year?!

Shark Tank Winner! Over 150,000 SeedSheets Sold Worldwide!

7. Soul Insole

Relieve foot pain in every shoe, all year long

The Soul Insole fits right into every single shoe (yes, even sandals) and relieves foot pain almost instantly! The gel inserts support proper arch alignment, and even fix the body pain that is sometimes caused from foot pain. Great for plantars fasciitis and a variety of other foot-related ailments! 

  • Biomechanical design redistributes pressure evenly across your foot to relieve unwanted pressure
  • Helps train your foot to strengthen the natural arch without relying on the Soul Insole
  • Relieves foot, back, AND body pain. Helps you from the bottom up!
  • Reduces stress from the gentle foot massage you’ll be feeling all day
  • The shock absorption will boost your energy throughout the entire day
  • Works in every single shoe — even open-toed sandals! Plenty of sizes available for men, women and children as well. 
  • Super simply to apply AND clean — just rinse off and the stickiness will always return
  • Odorless even after years and years of use

#1 Choice By Doctors, Top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners Worldwide

8. EyeQue

Save tons of money by testing your own vision. 

Saving money is usually another big New Year’s resolution, and if you wear glasses, this is one major way to do it. The EyeQue has revolutionized the way we care for our vision and lets you test your own eyesight as frequently as you’d like. Save hundreds this year on vision care without the long doctor’s appointments. 

  • Save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your vision care, even if you don’t have insurance!
  • Get highly accurate results every time — the technology is MIT-patented
  • Super fast and convenient. Your results should come in about 8 minutes!
  • No prescriptions needed — order from any retailer you want!
  • Easy enough that even kids can use it
  • Tracks your results over time so you can monitor yourself
  • Works with Apple and Android

MIT-Patented Technology & CES Award Winner!

9. CreaClip

Save even more and become your own hair stylist overnight

Wouldn’t it be nice to have perfect hair ALL THE TIME in the New Year? We think so too. You may already recognize the CreaClip from the resounding success it had on Shark Tank. Use this genius little device to give yourself the perfect haircut at home again and again. 

To use this genius little device, just slide it onto your hair, pull down, and cut! Use the CreaClip to create perfect bangs, layers, angles, straight cuts, men’s cuts, and much much more.

  • Saves you tons of time AND money without all the $$$ salon visits
  • Works on all hair types — doesn’t matter if its thick, thing, curly, or straight
  • Access to step-by-step video tutorials — the CreaClip library is massive for some inspiration
  • Gives you the perfect trim every time. Reliable and never messes up!
  • Great for kids too — there’s no need for them to spend your money at the salon either

As featured in BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and seen on Shark Tank!

10. ChargeHubGO+

Don’t let yourself be on 1% this year

Step into the New Year with that nice juicy green battery, no matter how long you’re away from an outlet! You can always be charged with this unparalleled portable charger. Not only can the ChargeHubGO+ charge up to any four devices at once, but it can do so at lightning speed. Oh and it can do it wirelessly, too! So so cool. And it’s patented SmartSpeed technology is faster than any other. You won’t believe your eyes!

  • It’s universally compatible — charge everything from iPhones to Samsungs and Pixels
  • Wireless charging means no wires necessary!
  • Incredibly fast-charging — nothing else on the market is this fast
  • Pocket-sized portability means you can bring it anywhere you need. Plus it’s super light!
  • Safe charge protection so that you never overcharge, overheat, or damage your battery

“The lightweight, slim design and built-in cables make ChargeHubGO+ my new go-to portable power bank.” – Rebecca Armstrong of Mac Sources

11. XY Find It

Looking for your things is so last year

Is he messy or forgetful? If you find him misplacing his phone, keys, or wallet too often, you’ll want to get him one of these little guys. The XY Find It helps him find all of his misplaced items. He can easily attach them to his phone, keys, wallet, or even his pet! 

  • Easily find your car, pets, keys, bike — whatever has gone missing!
  • No monthly subscriptions or hidden fees to pay. Just a one-time purchase!
  • Over one million devices (and counting!) have already been sold
  • Works EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING you want
  • Easily hide it or not if you want to choose a fun color!

As featured on Huffington Post! 

12. Peeps

See the new you clearly

Expensive eyewear should be taken better care of, especially if you want to see your amazing new life that’s coming up! If you wear eyeglasses or even just want to keep your sunglasses/readers clean, Peeps are the only way to actually remove bacteria and oil instead of just wiping them around, as sprays and cloths do. 

  • Completely revolutionary and effective
  • Cleans perfectly every. single. time. 
  • Trusted by more than 20,000 optometrists around the world
  • Scratch-resistant brush removes dust and all abrasive particles
  • REMOVES instead of SPREADS dirt and oil
  • Patented invisible carbon formula that’s gentle on lenses and tough on oil

They’re trusted by more than 20,000 optometrists already and are constantly receiving rave reviews.

13. smartDot

Reduce the harmful effects of your wireless devices year-round

Not to make you freak out (don’t worry, we have a solution), but ALL of your wireless devices (phones, tablets, even routers) are constantly emitting EMF-waves that harm your health and cause everything from headaches to agitation and worse. Thankfully, smartDOT retunes the frequency of these waves in order to protect you and those in your household. All you have to do is slap the little sticker on the device. 

  • Researched and proven to work independently and now by thousands of customers
  • Protects you from radiation from ALL wireless devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets, wi-fi router, televisions and gaming consoles
  • Relieves unwanted EMF-symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and agitation
  • Made with high quality, revolutionary quantum technology
  • Just attach it once and forget about it! No need to change your behavior
  • Protects you forever. Only have to buy it once! 

1.3 million devices neutralized and counting!

14. KeySmart

Keep your keys organized and neat this year

Normal keychains are bulky, cluttered, or even painful. Are you really going to let yourself deal with that AGAIN this year? There’s really no reason to once you know KeySmart exists. 

The KeySmart neatly organizes and tucks away all of your keys in a completely customizable way. But it also has some amazing add-ons! It has everything from a bottle opener to a USB port to a tile button and flashlight. Truly amazing! 

  • Organize up to eight keys and a car key fob
  • Fits EVERY size, shape, and type of key you can think of
  • Choose from fun and helpful add-ons like bottle openers, USB drives, and more!
  • Customizable to your liking
  • Quick and easy to assemble — takes less than 60 seconds!

Over 2 million sold in 173 countries!

15. iMemories

Reminisce on the glory days

As you move into the New Year and embrace the New You, don’t let the old you slip away either. iMemories is a tech service that puts all of your old or even damaged home movies into whatever new and modern format you want. Get your old bulky videos turned into:

  • Easily turn your memories into high resolution digital formats
  • Receive free labeling and organization!
  • Get every single original back, completely guaranteed
  • Playable every modern type of device! TV’s, phones — you name it
  • Easily share over text or social media
  • Download onto your computers, hard, drive, DVD or even blu-ray! 
  • Never have to learn any tech or do anything yourself
  • Get all of your originals back as well
  • Enjoy your home movies more often!

Over 1 million families have entrusted iMemories to preserve their treasured family memories.

New Year, New You: The 15 Ultimate Products For a Great New Chapter
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